Fewer than 50 residents attended Frankfort’s March 26 town meeting and approved a lower municipal than last year's. Residents voted to proceed with construction of a new fishway in the town dam and learned about improvements to the Geo. S. Adams Ball Field.

The $278,335.50 municipal budget approved this year is 7.7% less than last year’s $301,534.94 total. Residents approved funding most articles either in part or entirely with money from the town’s undesignated fund balance and other accounts.

Friends of Frankfort Fields member project coordinator Mike Shaw, who is also on the Budget Committee, issued a letter attached to the Annual Report about improvements to the ball field and spoke briefly about the project at the meeting. The Friends established a $5,000 GoFundMe goal to place a new fence, scoreboard and bases on the field; buy an automated external defibrillator; paint and shingle the dugouts and snack shack; and build batting cages.

Total project cost is $9,124, Shaw said. The group has raised a total of $8.248.08, including donations of $2,500 from Hannaford, $500 from Brady Nickerson Foundation and $1,000 from the grandson of George S. Adams, along with contributions to its GoFundMe account. It still has $872 to raise.

Burger King donated more picnic tables and trash cans than were needed for the field, so the group was able to give five trash cans to the Winterport Little League and five cans plus a picnic table to Bronco Little League, he said. The two Little League organizations will be using the field once its improvements are complete.

The only cost is for materials; volunteers are donating labor to the project, Shaw said. Initial material estimates were lower last year when the fundraising campaign began, but have since increased, raising the total project cost.

The fencing will cost about $1,000 more than expected, so Shaw said he will try to raise it through a donation from Lowe’s. Only $300 of the funds came from the town, and that was used to buy paint.

The Friends decided to place the donations under the Frankfort Rec Department’s account to be transparent about what the group raised and spent, and because it needed a tax form to receive the Hannaford donation, the Friends said in the letter to residents.

In other business, residents voted to proceed with construction of a new fishway in the dam behind the Town Office. The current fishway does not extend far enough into low tide to meet government standards. Selectmen will now look at what government funds are available to help pay for the project before putting it out to bid.

Voters also decided to fund half of the amounts charities requested. Spectrum Generations and Waldo Community Action Partners received $4,709.50 rather than the $9,419 requested.

Vaughan Littlefield won the open selectman’s seat for three years. Residents voted to make the road commissioner a two-year term starting next year and Jeff Anderson was elected to the position. Earl Anderson won two Planning Board seats, one for a five-year term and one for a three-year term. After he decides which seat to fill, selectmen will reach out to the person or people who received the second-highest number of votes to fill the remaining position.

There are open seats on several committees in town. Anyone interested in being appointed to an open seat on available committees should contact the Town Office.