The Board of Selectmen voted to have interim Town Manager Mac Smith contact Autotronics in Bangor to confirm that the town's second ambulance is able to be driven home, and whether the town owes any storage fees for the three months the ambulance has been there. Selectmen will determine at a future meeting whether to keep the vehicle or sell it.

Since it is not clear right now whether the town will continue to maintain an Ambulance Department, selectmen were not sure at the April 1 meeting whether it made sense to retain the ambulance. In addition, Smith said the vehicle would probably be subject to the town's disposition of surplus materials policy, which would require advertising it for bid if the decision is made to sell it.

The board also voted to approve the renewal of Just Barb's liquor license as well as a temporary application to extend the service area to a 20-foot-by-30-foot outdoor tent from May 15 to Oct. 15 to better accommodate social distancing of patrons.

In other business, the board considered several proposals from outside entities. One was a revised proposal from the Stockton Harbor Yacht Club to add a dinghy dock to the existing town dock. The club offered to build the dock at its own expense and to allow the public to use it with no preference for club members.

Selectmen asked Smith to request the Harbor Committee, in its advisory role to the Board of Selectmen, to consider the proposal at its April 8 meeting and send a recommendation, along with proposed specifications for the new dock, to the board. The board will probably approve the proposal, Smith told The Republican Journal, if the Harbor Committee approves, provided that the dock conforms to the Harbor Committee's specifications, and the committee is able to inspect it before installation to confirm that it does conform.

Another proposal was an offer by William Carpenter and Donna Gold to donate roughly 2,500 square feet of land abutting Penobscot Narrows Cemetery to the town for the use of the cemetery. In return, the couple want the town to give them two burial plots in the cemetery.

The board asked Smith to contact the Cemetery Committee about the offer, and ask them whether they think the potential donation could be added to the cemetery. He will also check to see if there are sufficient funds in the Cemetery Committee account to pay for a survey of the parcel to be donated, if it is determined that the town should accept the donation and is willing to pay for the survey. Smith noted that his brother, Charles Smith, sits on the Cemetery Committee.

The board also considered a request from the Kindness Program requesting to use land on Steamboat Wharf Road for an organic vegetable garden, as has been done in the past. Selectmen noted concerns expressed by The Sandy Point Water Co. that no harmful chemicals be used within 300 feet of its well at the rear of the ball field, and granted the request for the use of the land.

Selectmen also discussed an offer from the state to stock with fish the town's fire pond on Harris Road near the ball field. The pond would then be used as part of the state's fishing program exclusively for children. Fire Chief Vern Thompson, present at the meeting, expressed concern that the pond might not be able to be dredged once it was stocked with fish. There was also discussion of the need to finish dredging the pond, a job that is only partly completed, according to Smith.

It was agreed that Smith and Thompson would discuss the matter, and then Thompson would contact the state about possible stocking of the pond. Smith said the current dredging project would have to be completed before any fish stocking could occur.

In other business, the board approved a public use policy for the downstairs meeting room in the Town Office. The policy requires anyone using the meeting room to stay on the downstairs level, wear masks at all times in the building and clean all surfaces before leaving with cleaning supplies provided by the town. In addition, no one with symptoms of COVID-19 is allowed in the building, and the maximum number of people allowed in the room is 33. Groups that want to use the room should contact the Town Office to make arrangements.

Finally, the board voted to send a letter to Darren and Justin Shute for labor and materials they donated to repair the town's walk-up window tent, which allows residents to conduct business with the town safely in cold weather. The letter said, in part, "As this tent is vital for the safe operations of the Town during this pandemic, your prompt and generous actions were especially appreciated."

The next meeting will be April 15 at 8 a.m. Those who wish to attend in person are requested to call the Town Office in advance, so that arrangements can be made in case attendance exceeds what the upstairs meeting room can accommodate.