The Easter Bunny popped up in local towns last week, distributing goodies and charming children in Freedom, Brooks and Stockton Springs.

In Freedom March 31, the bunny greeted kids and families and distributed candy in the Town Office parking lot, while inside drawings produced winners of gift baskets for a baby (Rebecca Lyn Gifford), a girl (Brandy Kimball) and a boy (Britni Bryant), and a girl's bike (Rebecca Lyn Gifford). A video of the drawings is posted on the Freedom Boosters & Recreational Committee's Facebook page.

In Brooks Saturday morning, Molly Donovan, 10, of Brooks played Easter Bunny, accompanied by her mom, Elena Donovan, passing out treats in the parking lot at the Town Office and Fire Station. Finding "business" a little slow initially, the two walked down to the roadside, mom turned up some music on her phone, and they danced for drivers, who honked encouragement.

In Stockton Springs, the Easter Bunny made an appearance outside the Town Office prior to traveling throughout the town aboard a fire truck. In Stockton the bunny had some ear issues — they simply refused to stand up! His town tour was organized by Stockton Springs Community Builders, with a little help, of course, from the Fire Department.