April 8, 1841

Counterfeit silver coin is in circulation to considerable extent in this vicinity.

April 12, 1861

Why is it? A furniture dealer in our city propounded to us the other day the query, why is it that more than double the number of cradles are bought during the summer and fall, than during the winter and spring—which he asserts is certainly the case. We thought the demand for cradles was pretty nearly an equal thing year round.

April 14, 1881

Miss Mary E. Reardon, a teacher of experience, will, on Monday next, open a private school in the Allard building on Main street, near John Stewart’s house. The tuition is small and those who wish to give their children private instruction can consult Miss Reardon.

Sheriff Baker is one of our earliest and most successful city gardeners. His lot is all prepared for seed and on Wednesday morning he was sowing onion seeds. Mr. Baker last fall took the first premium on onions and other garden produce. In a hot bed the sheriff has tomato, cucumbers, squashes, beets, radishes, potatoes, &c., well advanced, which in a few days will be transplanted. His land is high and entirely free from frost.

April 11, 1901

The Garment Cutting School which was opened in Belfast last fall has passed into the hands of Miss Adelle McDonald, who with an accomplished teacher will continue the work. This school will be of great value to all classes and we bespeak for Miss McDonald the encouragement and patronage of the ladies of Belfast and vicinity.

A large number of logs came down the river Monday and Tuesday, and many were picked up and towed in by the bay coasters and small boats. The owners pay 25 cents apiece for each log so saved.

April 14, 1921

Mrs. Belle L. Cates is improving from her recent illness and expects to open her clothing factory on Field street in about two weeks. This will be good news to many who enjoy working with her.

There is more sickness reported at the present time than for any period during the fall and winter. Colds have been so severe as to confine many to their beds for several days. Pneumonia is also prevalent.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.