Name an insult

Renaming or re-designating the Puddle Dock section of Belfast as Belfast Yards is an insult to New England, Maine and the city of Belfast. Disregarding, ignoring or forgetting local traditions is not a plus for any town or city. Let us keep in mind that the Belfast waterfront ain't Philadelphia.

Doug Andersen


Bebb For Northport selectman

I am thrilled to vote for Breanna Pinkham Bebb for Northport Board of Selectmen April 14. If ever there was a candidate who has proven her desire to serve her community, it’s Bre!

I have worked with Bre on various projects, most recently through the wonderful nonprofit Waldo County Woodshed. All winter, Bre could be found on the woodpile at the Northport transfer station — stacking firewood, filling peoples’ cars and trucks, and dispensing her special brand of cheer to all around her.

Bre is brilliant, upbeat and positive, yet entirely blunt. You know exactly what you’re going to get with her, and that is just what town governance needs. Please join me in voting Bre April 14!

Ina Hollins