Town Office

There is a new Public Use Policy for the downstairs public room at the Stockton Springs Town Office, which is now ready for public use. Rules: Anyone using the basement floor will stay on that floor; access to the floor above is expressly prohibited.

All users of the basement floor will wear a mask at all times when in the building. There is a limit of 33 people on the basement floor at any one time. All surfaces are to be washed down at the end of the event; appropriate cleaning supplies will be made available by the town for that purpose.

Anyone wishing to use the room should call the Town Office at 567-3404 to make arrangements.

Thank you to George Russell and Bruce Gray for putting up the new sign for the Stockton Springs Recreational Park, which is dedicated to Walter Trundy. It really looks great!

Community Library

It was National Library Week last week, so perhaps you visited and picked out a new book to read or DVD to watch. The upstairs Children’s Library is such a cozy fun place for little ones to learn about books and enjoy reading. One of my best childhood memories is of my mother reading to my two sisters, my brother and me ("The Wizard of Oz") at night before bed.


Congratulations to biochemistry major Bailey West of Stockton Springs, who is the University of Maine 2021 valedictorian. This summer, West will participate in Jackson Lab’s Summer Student Program, a 10-week research fellowship in mammalian genetics and genomics. She plans to pursue a PhD in pathobiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine this fall. Everyone here in Stockton Springs is extremely proud of Bailey and wish her all the best in her future.

New bakery

Sweet Cheeks Bakery has opened on Verona Island. One day coming back from Brewer I stopped in just after 3 o’clock and although they had just closed, they gave me a cookie. On Easter Sunday I returned to buy some dessert for an Easter dinner at my cousin’s home in Waldo. I wasn’t able to resist getting the French horns filled with crème, which were delicious, and also a Bear Claw to go with my coffee. Good luck to owners Jonathan Beal and Michael Roy — and go and try it out as everything looked divine!

Lots of local businesses are opening up again after the winter doldrums, so please support them. No one realized before COVID-19 that it would be such a treat to eat out.

I consider myself fortunate to live in this part of Maine, close to many outdoor areas of great beauty. I visited Acadia National Park this week and walked on the Loop Road. I am not ready to climb any mountain hikes because the trails are all very muddy right now. Despite the main entrances being closed, the park is accessible through Bar Harbor. I am always amazed at how many out-of-staters have figured out the back way in and there were plenty of cars from Virginia, California and everywhere in the U.S.

Most parks, preserves and land trust trails have seen a huge number of users since the pandemic started. Going for walks is great exercise and a great way to clear your mind of worries! Enjoy spring.

Thought for the week: “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” — Henry David Thoreau.