Keeping Belfast Beautiful, an annual cleanup event, will be held May 6-8. City Council gave approval April 6 for organizers to use Belfast Yards to stage the event.

It will be a place for team captains to get supplies and to distribute lunch to volunteers. Parks and Recreation Director Norm Poirier suggested that the barbecue lunch be a “grab and go” setup so people are not congregating closely.

There will also be a dumpster in the parking lot for all the trash collected. In the past, volunteers have collected as much as 4 1/2 to 5 tons of trash, Poirier said. School groups are expected to collect trash May 7, Poirier said.

An area on City Point Road will be closed off between 9:30 and 11 a.m. May 8 to make it safer for volunteers to collect trash. The team captain for the area will work with police officers to reroute traffic. Councilor Mike Hurley said that when the road was not closed during the event in years past, it created a dangerous situation with drivers on the curvy road moving quickly.

The councilor said it is a great program that has about 500 volunteers picking up "a depressing amount" of garbage, but it all gets picked up.

Volunteers pick up trash along about 59 miles of roads in the city, according to an event press release. This will be the fourth year residents and businesses will work in teams to collect trash around the city.

Each year the event has gained more volunteers. Since 2018, they have collected 12.79 tons of trash during the event.

Those interested in volunteering should call Dave Bond at 218-1183 or email him at Volunteers get a free cleanup T-shirt.