Hello All,

Another week has gone by. We had some nice weather, but as I type this up it is cold, windy and spitting snow. I hear we may get an inch or so, that's plenty for now. My daffodils really outdid themselves, 24 blossoms in the patch, such a pretty yellow. I love flowers. Sadly most of mine are gone.


My cousin, Christine Stewart Hubbard, passed away in Maryland at her daughter Brenda's on Saturday, April 10. I shall miss her. Thinking of all of her family.

Jackie McCormick will be missed by many as well.


Wishing a happy birthday to Tonja Doughty on the 24th! May you have a great day.

Fundraiser for Stephen Fowler

Don't forget the upcoming Chicken Barbecue and Fundraiser for Stephen on Saturday, April 24, at noon at the Snowdusters clubhouse in Unity. There is a Silent Auction, Chinese Auction, Cash Raffle and more. An online auction is going on now to place a bid. Look on Facebook to find it. For info: Lori Grant, 356-1586.

Many nice prizes.


It is nice to have Tyler Hadyniak as the Freedom correspondent now. Enjoy his column. Sallyann would be proud.

Spaulding Sales and Service

Our Spauldings from Freedom have many new items at the store in Albion now. Stop by and check them out.

Market of Unity

Will be opening on April 24. Always nice to get fresh goodies. I really want dandelion greens.

I believe

The older we get, the clearer it becomes that loving and being loved are the really important things in life. Be human. Be kind.

Until next week,

Not much for news. Stay warm and be safe. Maybe go fishing. How nice to have some fresh smelts. Take care all.