April 23, 1858

Signs of Spring.—Lobster markets have been opened at the corners of the streets, and voices of one hand organ and a hurdygurdy have been heard in the land.

April 24, 1868

Among the signs of Spring is the appearance of circus advertisements in the papers.

Some of the pure old Java Coffee, that is sold ready prepared, is made of mahogany saw-dust and old boots.

Mr Daniel G. Hinds, of this city, has presented to us an egg of most fearful dimensions—the unassisted production of a single hen. We propose to have hatched from it a rooster of corresponding size to crow next November.

April 26, 1888

Fast Day. The day was a quiet one in this city. The flag floated from the Belfast Custom House and the banks, public buildings, and factories were closed, but the majority of the business places were open as usual. Union services were held at the Baptist Church, but there was no sermon. Fast day is a holiday for the laboring man, and is rarely observed in accordance with the Governor’s proclamation.

Don, the black and tan dog of B. P. Field, Register of Probate, is dead. Don was fifteen years old, and was rheumatic. Monday he went to sleep and he did not awake. Don was a faithful attendant of his master at the Probate Court and was known as “Judge.” When Mr. Field was defeated for Register several years ago no one felt it more keenly than did Don. When Mr. Field was elected four years later Don went to the Probate office, curled himself up in his accustomed chair, and expressed his satisfaction in many ways. Mr Field much regrets his death.

April 28, 1898

W. H. Brown, section foreman of the southerly section of the Belfast branch, has a “velocipede car” for going over the road. It is very light and is easily propelled by one man.

April 23, 1908

Cottages, bungalows and summer homes of all kinds are being built at Crescent Beach, and Belfast patrons of that pleasant resort will be interested to learn that a very busy season is predicted. Many Belfasters are looking forward with pleasant anticipation to the excursion season, when they can enjoy one of Landlord Smith’s famous shore dinners.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.