May 5, 1854

Levee.—The Ladies of the Methodist society held a levee at Pierce’s Hall on Monday evening, the proceeds of which amounted to a handsome sum. The society are endeavoring to get together a sum sufficient to erect a church. Their enterprise deserves the aid of our citizens who favor religion and good morals.

April 29, 1864

Was it an Omen? On Sunday evening last, about 9 o’clock, a remarkable phenomenon was witnessed in the heavens in this vicinity. There were faint streams of the Northern Lights playing about the horizon, when suddenly a band of light shot up from the west to the zenith, followed by another exactly the counterpart from the east, until both united at the zenith, separating the northern and southern portions of the sky. The appearance continued some twenty minutes, when it gradually faded away. It was witnessed by a great many people, and was much commented on.

Heavy Loss of Pigs. Mr. Lancaster, of the American House, in this city, recently purchased a quantity of refuse barley for feeding to the inmates of his extensive piggery. The grain had been rejected from a cargo purchased for shipment, and with it were several barrels of siftings containing large quantities of ergot or spurred rye. This was fed to a large lot of sows, all in “a high state of maternal solicitude”—and the consequence was the death of thirty of the sows and all their unnumbered offspring. Mr. Lancaster thinks his loss about a thousand dollars. Let pig owners beware of spurred rye.

April 30, 1874

A schooner laden with bricks and barrels is reported as driven ashore and abandoned near the Camp ground, in the storm of last Sunday.

May 1, 1884

The Belfast foundry is casting the iron rollers, track, &c., to be used in the new marine railway now building in this city.

There are no desirable lots in Grove Cemetery owned by the city. As there are many calls for them, it is only a question of a very short time, when the city will have to extend the yard or purchase land elsewhere.

May 3, 1894

The revision of the school census shows 1355 scholars in the city.

Mr. A. C. Sibley received a handsome new coupe rockaway from Kendall Bros. of Boston Tuesday, and now has as stylish a two-horse turnout as is owned in this section.

May 5, 1904

A witches’ march and broom drill will be given by fourteen young misses at the Methodist vestry Friday evening, May 6th. After the drill there will be a short entertainment by the witches, followed by a general sociable. Home made candy will be on sale during the evening. The drill will begin at 7.30. Admission 10 cents.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.