Community Library

Pat Curley let me know that the library will be displaying Douglas Coffin cartoons for the month of May. He was the editorial cartoonist for the Waldo Independent newspaper from 1985 to 2008. His cartoons reflect the changes that happened in Waldo County over those years. Please visit the library to see this interesting display.

Also, if you are doing some gardening and need to thin out your perennials, please consider donating them to the library for the annual sale on June 5 of books, baked goods and plants.

Town Office

There will be a public hearing on Thursday, May 6, regarding proposed changes to the Application, License, Permit and Other Fees Ordinance, which will be voted on at the town meeting in June. Please contact the Town Office at 567-3404 or manager@stocktonsprings.org for more information.

The town docks have been put in so if you need to pay your dinghy fee, please do so. Also, don't forget Spring Cleanup day is May 15 this year, so you can put your items out curbside for removal. Recycling dates for May are Thursdays, May 13 and 27.

Now that the town docks are in, lobstermen will soon be putting their boats in the water. The boat that harvests the seaweed has been active in the harbor and cuts the seaweed at 18 inches in length for shipment to foreign countries. As part of the operation, a small boat also bags the seaweed and the bags float in the harbor until they are emptied.

There was a lot of wind for several days and Skeet Wyman told me the wind flipped the kelp business flats over, wreaking some havoc on that company. It's a very interesting operation and one that replenishes itself naturally.

Spring brings us blooming flowers and trees that make our area beautiful. The ospreys are back and I hear their calls as they search the harbor for food. Boaters are getting their sailboats and powerboats ready to be launched.

Bottom paint was key when we had our sailboat. The first year we did not paint the dinghy bottom and it got slower and slower as sea life attached itself to the underside of the boat. It's a lot of work having a boat but also a lot of fun, too. If you are lucky enough to have a boat, enjoy your first outing of the season, with all of that fresh air and sunshine!

Thought for the week: "Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence." — Henry David Thoreau.