May 5, 1830

An adjourned meeting of the Universalists in this town, will be held at the Court House on Saturday next, at 7 o’clock P. M.

This meeting is for the purpose of adopting such regulations as may be thought proper for the good of the Society.

A punctual attendance of the members and all others friendly to the cause is earnestly requested.

May 10, 1850

“City Affairs.”—The committee chosen for the purpose, at our annual town meeting have prepared a city charter to be laid before the legislature now assembled. It will be presented to our citizens at the September meeting, and no doubt, accepted. We shall publish the charter in full previous to the time of the final action of the town.

May 12, 1870

On Monday, the schooner Little Anna, from the Nova Scotia coast, delivered 4000 pounds of halibut to Lewis & Crosby—the handsomest lot of that excellent fish ever brought to this market. They are kept on ice, for customers of the firm. The first Salmon from Sears’ Island was received by Lewis & Crosby on Monday, and we have the best reason to know that it was nice.

May 8, 1890

Durham & Hall, of this city, who own the Allyn field, have the correct idea in regard to the disposal of building lots on that desirable tract. They will not deed a lot to any one unless the buyer agrees to erect thereon a respectable house, costing at least a given sum. By this means the lot will contain only handsome dwellings which will be a credit to the city and increase our taxable property.

A hook and ladder truck has been ordered for the Belfast Fire Department, to be delivered here July 1st. The apparatus will be built by the Bangor Extension Ladder Co., and it will cost $500. The truck contains eight ladders aggregating 155 feet. One is a fifty feet Bangor extension ladder, one of the best made. The truck will require a company of twenty-five men. When the hook and ladder truck is received Belfast will have as efficient a fire department as any city in the State.

May 12, 1910

There are several nests of brown tail moths on the trees on Bay View street, at the corner of Commercial and Bay View streets, and on High street. They should be destroyed.

A crew of men has been getting the Congress street ball grounds in condition and the diamond is now in first class shape. Practice will begin as soon as the weather permits. The team will go to Freedom May 28th to play the Academy nine, and on the afternoon of Memorial day a return game will be played on the Congress street grounds.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.