May 13, 1875

Private night watchmen are now in order.

B. Frog makes his voice heard at evening now, and Mrs. F. responds with her melancholy peep.

The store of Wm. Cunningham, on the east side, was last week entered and sundry articles taken. A search warrant was issued to officer F. P. Fames, who found the stolen articles on the premises of Jason Richards, a man who recently moved from Searsmont. There were also found lots of provisions, cloth, powder, shot &c., which no doubt had been taken from the same store. A large lot of keys were also found, some of which fitted the store. It is thought that the head quarters of the many mysterious entries of stores has been found. Two sons and a daughter of Richards have disappeared.

May 15, 1885

A number of petitioners for a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals met at the city government rooms on Monday evening for the purpose of organizing, but owing to some informality in the proceedings, the meeting was postponed to Tuesday evening, June 2d.

Telephonic. The new line between Belfast and Augusta was completed on Thursday last, and just before noon the operator in this city had a chat with Augusta. The wire is copper, which is a better transmitter of sound than common wire, and is attached to the poles of the Mutual Union Telegraph Company. The gang was five days between Belfast and Augusta. We are now in communication with Portland and all the intermediate stations. Belfast, as before, is the central station for all points in this vicinity.

May 16, 1895

The City Assessors have completed the enrollment of the militia of Belfast according to law and find just 800 men liable for military duty.

The “Crochet Club” of this city have presented a beautiful quilt to the C. A. S. to be used for the Girls’ Home. Will not other organizations of young women follow this excellent example?

May 18, 1905

There is an ordinance against throwing rubbish of any kind in the streets, but you can throw it on your neighbor’s grounds—and some do.

May 13, 1915

The Skating Carnival. The masquerade skating carnival at the coliseum Monday evening was a great success. There were 1,200 people present, including a large party from Rockland and several from Bangor. Forty masked couples competed for the $38 in prizes.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.