May 25, 1882

Swan & Sibley Bros. are introducing a new commodity here, as will be seen by their advertisement in another column. It is called Royal Salad cooking oil, and is to take the place of lard. It is to be used just as lard is used. It is refined oil from cotton seed, is purely vegetable, and is more desirable than animal fat, as the latter is subject to disease. It is also claimed that it is cheaper. Mr. Riggs, the baker, who used a small lot, was so well pleased that he ordered a barrel. He says it is superior to lard. It can also be used in place of olive oil, and cannot be distinguished from the article sold in this country as olive oil. We think any person who will give it a trial must be convinced of its superiority over lard.

May 26, 1892

An Italian with a hand organ, the first of the season, appeared on the streets Saturday, grinding out doleful music. He was shivering with cold and looked discouraged.

The Belfast Shakespeare club met at the home of Mrs. Elmer Sherman on Friday last, driving over the river in the afternoon on a buckboard. They took tea with Mrs. Sherman.

May 22, 1902

Thomas H. Marshall Relief Corps had the last of their series of 10 cent suppers in Memorial Hall Tuesday evening. The suppers have been well attended and very satisfactory.

“Barn Warming.” M. R. Knowlton dedicated his new stable in the rear of the Windsor Hotel by a free dance Saturday evening. The carriage house was cleared, the floor waxed and the walls tastefully decorated with flags and bunting. A platform was built at the rear for the orchestra. The music was by Prof. Whitten and his full orchestra. Fred G. Spinney was floor manager, with F. J. Sylvester, N. J. Pottle, E. F. Burgess and Admiral Don O. Robbins as aids. There was a large attendance and the affair was a quiet, orderly and enjoyable one.

May 23, 1912

The room in the city building formerly occupied by the city marshall has been placed at the disposal of the fire department and lockers will be built for the use of the men and other necessary improvements will be made.

All members of the Belfast Musical Society who sing are requested to attend the rehearsal to be held next Tuesday evening.

May 25, 1922

The new fire alarm box was put into commission Tuesday at the corner of High and Miller streets and is to be known as No. 26.

The Lend-a-Hand club has postponed its meetings until the last Thursday in June.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.