The following deed transfers were recorded from May 13 through May 19, 2021, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Steve E. Bird and Deborah R. Bird to Marika Helene Shimkus.

Stephen Boyd Thompson and Christina Lynn Thompson to Crosby Manor Estates Condominium Association.

Katherine M. Riposta to James Henry Pope and Linda Gunter Pope.

Linda E. Grace and Damon P. McMullen to Andrew Pollock.

Belfast Healing Center LLC to Melanie Lake Buerkle and Henry Fred Meissner.

Eileen Dubinett 1999 Family Trust and Eileen Dubinett 1999 Living Trust to Adam B. Cohn and Brianna L. Cohn.

Arthur Roy Curtis II, Roy Curtis and Leah Rae Poisson to Simon Jonathan Ward and Tamitha Jane Ward.

John R. Cameron Sr. and Sandra M. Cameron to Deneen Stambone and Michael E. Tyrrell.

Dominick Calabria and Denise C. Calabria to Jennifer Jerome Williams and

Sarah D. Jerome.


David R. Russell to David R. Russell Living Trust.

Sean R. Lynch and Rachel E. Lynch to Cheryl A. Huber and Terry E. Huber.


Craig R. Littlefield and Sharon M. Littlefield to Joshua Lee Savageau.


Eric M. Lane and Nelda A. Lane to Pauline Cole.

Pauline Cole to Eric M. Lane and Nelda A. Lane.

Coastal Maine LLC to David Marshall.


Myrick T. Cross to Myrick T. Cross Living Trust.


Steven D. Doczy-Bordi and Karen L. Doczy-Bordi to Jude Philip Berry and Audrey Pendleton Berry.

Alice B. Rogers to R. B. Pegram Harrison.

R. B. Pegram Harrison to Richard D. Casner and Alexandra G. Stevens.


Steven Sarfatti to Tammy J. Reynolds.


Steven A. Case and Margaret E. Case to Jana Halwick and David C. Harvey.

Rotondi Family Trust to Mullins Bog Trails LLC.


CTL Land Management Services Inc. to Prem M. Makeig and Fayre A. Makeig.

Michael H. Burke Est. to Footloose Farm Realty Trust.


Kristie Crandon Est. to Benjamin D. Dyer.


James C. Miller and Kaylene D. Miller to Breyton H. Thomas and Carrie E. Thomas.

Allyson P. Annis, Allyson Place Annis and Allyson E. Place to Joanne E. Place.

John W. Fleming to Liza Ann Fleming.

Kathy Toomey to Jeffrey E. Paul and Joyce F. Paul.


Dale Nealey to Ben Eversage and Deborah Eversage.

Gayle L. Lear to Alexander Liester.

Martha M. Block to Gregory M. & Anna J. Goodkin Revocable Trust.

Patricia D. Provencher to Provencher Living Trust.


Lisa Snow Kelly Revocable Trust to Lisa Snow Kelly and Jeffrey M. Kelly.

Zachary A. Plummer and Chantel B. Plummer to Thomas C. Pilsbury and Stanley A. York.

Thomas C. Pilsbury and Stanley A. York to Zachary A. Plummer and Chantel B. Plummer.

John E. Brooker to John E. Brooker and Sherrill Brooker.

Christine D. Weber to Todd E. Stapley and Robin Stapley.

Avery Glidden to Nicole Dorothy Baker Glidden and Cole Anthony Hayes.


Town of Prospect to Charles Scherer and Kimberly Scherer.

Town of Prospect to Alita Peters.

Town of Prospect to Vaughan Peters and Susan Bishay.

Town of Prospect to Susan V. Bishay and Vaughn A. Peters.

Town of Prospect to Vaugh A. Peters.

Town of Prospect to Vaughn A. Peters.

Town of Prospect to Alita Peters.

Town of Prospect to Vaughn Peters.

Prospect Farms Wellness Properties LLC and Prospect Farm Wellness Properties LLC to Prospect Farms Real Estate LLC.


Jacob Lyman Mehuren to Jacob Lyman Mehuren and Lakin Deseree Wallace.


MK Properties LLC to Shelley A. Riggs and David A. Riggs.


Alan Haas, Edward Swain Est., Philip E. Lunquist Est. and Charles F. Smith to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.


Alfred A. Miliano to 207 Waterfront Properties LLC and Two Hundred Seven Waterfront Properties LLC.

Kent Bradstreet to Tyson D. Marr and Alicia M. Lane.

Felicia M. Gray and Felicia M. Story to Tyler M. Speed and Destiny J. Heald.


Krzysztof G. Sobczak and Lisa M. Sobczak to Eric J. Gould and Kristyn E. Gould.

Steven N. Murdock, Wendy M. Esposito and George H. V. Murdock to Mary K. Richard and Bruce L. Richard.


Glenn Frederick McKinstry, Gregory Vincent, Steven Patrick Hogan-McKinstry and Steven Hogan Vincent to Michael James Dooley and Deborah Ann Dooley.

Guy F. Hunter Jr. and Reta F. Hunter to Jonathan W. Petry and Kimberly N. Petry.