Eleven Mount View High School juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society June 2 at a brief ceremony in the school's gymnasium.

According to the society's website, students are eligible to join based on four tenets: scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Students must achieve a minimum grade point average of 85 or equivalent standard of excellence. They must have shown voluntary contributions to the school or community and have demonstrated leadership qualities.

Finally, the student should be of good character; demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability; show courtesy, concern and respect for others; and generally maintain a clean disciplinary record.

Mount View Principal Zack Freeman said, "You are students that fearlessly stood up for your beliefs. You are students that put that extra hour into homework, even though it was going on 11 o'clock.

"You are the students that selflessly took your weekend and helped out your family, your friends, or even, in some cases, strangers. You are the students that took charge and led others to unlock their greatness."

One by one, Freeman called out the names of the 11 selected students, who joined him at the podium and received a card of induction.

This year's inductees are:

Dawson Bierwas, who is currently third in the class; Hannah Burke is 19th; Draedyn Furrow is first; Abishai Harris is 18th; Benjamin Heath is second; Cassondra Heath is eighth; Kayla Holcomb is 20th; McKenzie Kunesh is sixth; Emma McPherson is fifth; Mia Rae is 10th; and Cali Warren is seventh.