The following deed transfers were recorded from May 20 through May 26, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Vicki L. Nickerson, Adam E. H. Flanders and Ashley E. Flanders to Beyond The Meter.

Finn Welch to Breanne Nucka and Jonathan P. Holland.

Martha T. Clark to John D. Clark.

Andrew D. Waken and Elizabeth P. Waken to Kayla Hemley, Nickalos Hemley and Katrina Young.

Albert W. Scovern III and Diane R. Follingstad to Lou Vera Pinkerton.

Kayla K. Hemley, Raymond E. Young and Kayla K. Young to Daniel J. Kolasienski and Colleen H. Kolasienski.

Peter R. Hanson to Judith Martin.

Judith Martin to Peter R. Hanson.

Lisa M. Kushner to Lisa M. Kushner and Patrick J. Walsh.

David C. Malay and Mariann Z. Malay to Arthur Roy Curtis and Leah Rae Poisson.


April Leanne Watkins to Brian Staples and John Richards.

Brian A. Staples and John L. Richards Sr. to Johnathon Luce.


Earl R. Anderson to Brian A. Phelps and Elizabeth A. Fairfield-Phelps.

Jeffrey Lane Kingsbury and Donna Marie Kingsbury to William S. Gardiner and Kim A. Gardiner.

Jeffrey Lane Kingsbury and Donna Marie Kingsbury to William S. Gardiner and Kim A. Gardiner.


Michael Caron to Tiffany Dumont.


Creek House LLC to Karen R. Minder and Gary Minder.


Carl L. & Brenda W. Moody Trust Agreement to Scott E. Jones and Sara A. Jones.

Ruth A. Spence and Ruthanne Spence to Laura E. Hummer and Kenneth J. Wunderle.

Henry L. Chaffee Sr. Est. to Kathleen R. Chaffee.

Kathleen R. Chaffee to Joseph L. Getchell Sr.


William R. Rocknak and Lucinda A. Rocknak to William R. Rocknak and Lucinda A. Rocknak.

Able Leamer to Anne Doan.

Kelley J. Hawthorne to Frank Getchell and Janet A. Maleski.


Laite Construction Inc. to Farley Inc.


Lisa Marie Gillespie Living Trust to Lisa Marie Gillespie and William E. Gillespie Jr.


William D. Kelly and Corinne N. Grant to John Fleming.


Lisa M. Kushner and Patrick J. Walsh to Silas D Walsh and Jasper B. Walsh.


Fernanda C. Sammis and Donald F. Sammis to Magnificent Seven Limited Partnership.

Charles W. Gerry and Rachelle Cummings-Gerry to Svea V. Tullberg and Vincent M. Abaldo.

Nancy L. Aebersold and Nancy C. Aebersold to Robert & Nancy Aebersold Living Trust.


William Monson Est. to Phillip G. Dow and Rosaleen A. Dow.

Thomas C. Pilsbury and Stanley A. York to Joseph W. Neenan and Kathy A. Neenan.


Marta French, Denise M. Norman, Sue A. Leach, Mearl S. Leach and Daniel E. Leach to Edna M. Leach and Edna Leach.


Andrew Steven Cayer and Alexandra Hessen Cayer to James Wesley Durrett and April Lee Durrett.

Travis Hamilton to Catherine Neill.


Scott Blake to Scott Blake and Kyle L. Blake.

John F. Evans and Cynthia F. Evans to Skinner Properties LLC.


Brent R. Fraser Est. to Brogan E. Tooley.

Cosmano Living Trust to Bruce R. Kerrigan Revocable Trust.

Sundownes Property Development LLC to Walter Wilfred Desruisseaux Jr.

Cindy M. Damon, Cindy Damon Ripley and Amanda Edmands to Kean Ripley.


N A C Properties LLC to Lewis F. & Melissa A. Sukeforth Living Trust.

Edmund T. Stevens and Kitty A. Stevens to Jerry Vincent Robbins Jr. and Cindy Lucene Robbins.


Frank Fales to Frank M. Fales and Jenna Fales.

Maine Woods & Waters LLC to Darren G. Roehrig.


Kathryn L. Mason and Kathryn L. Cloonan to Maple Shade Farm Properties LLC.

Frank Fales to Frank M. Fales and Jenna Fales.

Mary E. Knox Living Trust to Chuck A. Piper Jr. and Teresa K. Piper.


Joseph W. Morelli and Janice S. Morelli to Joseph W. Morelli, Janice S. Morelli and Jared M. Morelli.

Paul E. Hodgdon Est. to Michael T. Hodgdon.


Phyllis Clewley and Theodore Clewley to Stephen Clewley and Carolyn Clewley.

Claire L. Baksa to Reagan L. Paul.

Thieme Family Trust to Donald J. Thieme TR.