City Councilors approved June 1 Chuck Quintero's request for a facility use permit for an event in Heritage Park kicking off the Community Conversations program.

Community Conversations brings people together from all over the state to learn how to have civil conversations with others in their communities who have opposing political views, Quintero said. It is an invitation-only event for community members who will then share what they have learned with others in their community. People are not going to come and yell at each other, he said.

“We’re looking at people that are engaged in their communities in different ways and already have that existing kernel of community that we hope to build on,” he said.

Though Quintero is a Democratic consultant, the event is nonpartisan, he said. It is a guided discussion with experts and a moderator to arm people with tools to have civil discussions with others who have opposing political views.

Councilor Mike Hurley said if the event is to be successful in bridging the political divide there must be a specific goal. Councilor Neal Harkness said even if the event does not meet its goal, it is better than not attempting to bring opposing sides together at all.

“This kind of conversation might or might not prove fruitful, but not talking is guaranteed to not bear fruit, so I support it and wish you luck with it,” Harkness said.

The event is planned for July 24 at Heritage Park.