The following deed transfers were recorded from May 27 through June 02, 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Marina H. Peterson to Joseph Occhipinti and Laurie Ann Occhipinti.

Kathryn Carll and Donald Carll to Pamela A. Abraham and David G. Abraham.

Miles D. Frieden and Alan Lelly-Hamm to Andrew Wakem and Elizabeth Wakem.

Beatrice L. Maxwell to Loren P. Bunker and Angela M. Bunker.

Susan Rahn and Susan B. Bradley to 6 Footbridge LLC and Six Footbridge LLC.

Robert Ira Kahn to Robert Ira Kahn and Cassandra Ann Kinser-Kahn.

Glen R. Larrabee and Brenda J. Larrabee to Chad Robert Larrabee and Melinda Rose Larrabee.


Douglas L. Blasius to Gregory A. Curtis.

Rosanne O'Donnell and Roseanne Tartaro to Rosanne O'Donnell and Charles J. O'Donnell.

Travis M. Haber to Boggs Homes Inc.

Gladys L. Avery Trust to Broughman Builders Inc.

Chad R. Larrabee, Melinda R. Larrabee and Melinda R. Knowles to Nathan E. Paulin and Christina M. Paulin.


Stephen G. Hall to Stephen G. Hall and Roxanna B. Hall.

Jon Steven Caron and Shawn Ione Caron to Nicole Grayling.

Henry I. Thompson Jr. Living Trust to Dylan C. Thompson.


Darlene Vaughan and Norval S. Vaughan III to Warren Smith.

James F. White and Catherine C. White to James F. & Catherine Concelia White Irrevocable Living Trust.

Amanda B. Hammack and Lacie T. Hammack to Michael L. Cookson.

Joseph N. Bellerose and Adriana B. Bellerose to James W. Nolan.


Jeffrey R. Anderson and Vickey L. Witham to Ryan Pulis.

Frank Phillip Prescott Est. to Melodie Greene.


Robert D. Stover Jr. and Judith W. Stover to Eleanor MacMakin.

Walter A. Gurschick Sr. to Elaine B. Gurschick Credit Shelter Trust.

Jonathan K. Shaw to Robert G. Risch.

Brian L. Jones and Anni J. Outinen-Jones to Douglas E. Thomas.


Jackson Property LLC to Sedge Properties LLC.


Jim P. Giguere and Karen H. Giguere to Jon A. Giguere and Elizabeth R. Giguere.


DHHILLL Ventures LLC to Ruff Inc.

Stephen D. Hand and Amy L. Hand to Alan Rees and Kerry A. Whittaker.

Roger W. Anyan and Maria D. Anyan to Roger W. Anyan and Maria D. Anyan.

Shane P. Lydon and Judith Lydon to Stamatia O. Kostakis.

Rebecca J. Arne and Rebecca B. Arne to Alexander Gardullo and Julia Gardullo.


Ashley G. Currier to Deborah C. Flint.


Michael C. Geary to Mikayla Megan Geary.


Sheila P. Larry to Robert M. Currier.


Clayton R. Woodbury, Nanette W. Merchant and Melissa C. Woodbury to Karen Foxwell.

Jason Stutheit to Gabriel Andrade and Margaret Theresa Kuennen Breen.


Altie Corporation to Beaver Ridge LLC.

Douglas Wellman to Gail M. Pottle.

Daniel R. Lagueux to Jenny Kay Flagg and Nicholas Anthony Flagg.

Daryl M. Horak to Angel S. Hunt and Chester Houghton.

Frederick K. Williams and Nancy J. Williams to Noel Connor S. Williams.

Crystal A. McKenney and Crystal A. Anderson to Bonnie Parent.


Vaughn A. Peters and Susan V. Bishay to Roger Ferrell and Caroline Ferrell.


David Allen to Matthew Allen and Traci L. Allen.


Curtis W. Larrabee to Jesse Letourneau.

John Wing to Peter Wing and Bonnie Wing.

Cathy Cross to Peter Wing and Bonnie Wing.

Michael Smith to Peter Wing and Bonnie Wing.

Elizabeth M. Thebarge and Elizabeth G. Thompson to Robert H. Gould.


Todd Carey and Jacqueline Carey to Jeffrey S. Mader and Catherine M. Mader.

Cynthia Wells to Cynthia Grace Wells Living Trust.

Shorline Associates LLC to Kathryn Vanaria.


Bear Mountain LLC to Peter B. Mattox and Jennifer A. Cable.

Christine L. Durkee-Weatherl and Christine L. Durkee to Gladys L. Avery Trust.


Albert Ludden IV to Nichole Roach and Adrian Roach.

Louise Cole to Laurence Cole Jr.

Louise Cole to Preston Cole.


Barbara J. Thompson to David M. Allen.

Jacob Smith to Jennifer Rogers Hindes.

Jennifer Anne Clarke to Robyn Stanicki and Samantha Stanicki.


Wayne L. Charrier and Darlene J. Charrier to Paul M. Simonds.

Arthur Dodge Jr. and Sherry A. Dodge to Jillian Wight and Garrett E. Wight.


Sean D. Kearns and Julia R. Kearns to Sean D. Kearns and Julia R. Kearns.

Sarah Leighton Taylor and Russell Taylor Jr. to Sarah Taylor.

Donald J. Thieme Jr. to Patrick S. Later and Tia Delray Later.

Andrea Kervin Trust to Blacklab207 LLC.