SEARSPORT — The Regional School Unit 20 budget was approved June 8 by voters in both Searsport and Stockton Springs.

In Searsport, residents voted 33 yes to 8 no, while in Stockton Springs the vote was 201 yes, 70 no, and 9 blank.

Stockton town officials said there was a high turnout at their election because voters were deciding the fate of an open selectman’s seat.

The proposed $9,934,650 budget is down $413,842, or 4%, from last year’s $10,348,492.

Searsport will shoulder 57.9% of the towns’ share of the budget, according to Superintendent Chris Downing, while Stockton Springs’ share is 42%. Last year Searsport’s share was 56.3%, while Stockton’s was 43.6%.