June 21, 1850

Elder Kellock, a Baptist clergyman, recently from Augusta, Me., has been preaching here with much favor. He is laboring for the improvement of the morals of the place, and tells me he is going to raise his voice against intemperance. He will have a hard job to perform, and will find but few to cooperate with him. If the Elder should put forth such lectures against intemperance as they do in the States, he would soon be without hearers. He is a good man, and will, I trust, be of great benefit to this community.

June 21, 1867

The new International Telegraph Line has now the posts set from Bangor to Lincolnville Beach continuously, and a large part of the wire stretched. It is being built very substantially, and will be in operation at an early day.

We are having glorious gardening weather. It makes the plants laugh for joy, and the trees have been on a regular blow out for some time past.

June 19, 1879

Our city last week was visited by a large number of officials from Bangor, Camden and Rockland, who were in search of the murderer Haynes.

Sheriff Baker and city marshall Cates made an unsuccessful search for the murderer Haynes on Saturday night. They were upon the road all night.

One of the greatest nuisances of the day is the large number of useless dogs running about the streets. They are of no earthly benefit, and the community is constantly in danger from their attacks. It is to be hoped that something may be done to rid our city of this evil.

June 18, 1896

Five of the Belfast Schools made short excursions the past week for an outing and the study of physical geography. Miss Folsom of the Central Intermediate took her division to City Point and the Head of the Tide Thursday afternoon, going by the 3.35 train and returning by the 6.30. The trip was used to advantage by the teacher in pointing out the various formations of land and water to be seen and comparing them with the larger bodies spoken of in the text books.

June 19, 1913

Belfast is to have a demonstration of Edison’s talking-moving pictures. Jas. Graham of Boston and New York was in Belfast week making arrangements with Manger Brey of the Colonial Theatre, and the “talking-movies” will be demonstrated June 23rd, at the Colonial.

Talking Pictures. Theatregoers are to be treated to something novel in the amusement line at the Colonial Theater, Belfast, when the famous talking pictures which have been creating such comment in the larger cities, will be shown. Ever since the motion pictures came into popular favor a few years ago the public have been awaiting this most essential feature. Something to convey to the audience the meaning of every action and movement by the characters on the screen, which up to now has been accomplished only vaguely by pantomime. The makers of these pictures have been able to obtain the services of Raymond Hitchcock, Rose Beger and several Broadway stars to pose for these pictures. The only performances will be given Monday afternoon and evening, June 23d.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.