By Rita Doughty


Hello To All,

Our Morse Road is finally getting an upgrade, new culverts, and to be tarred. It is a big improvement already. Leveled out and widened in places, so it seems. Lots of traffic as it is a crossover from 220 to 137 here. Haven’t been out traveling it much. So far so good. Our town had a bond for monies to fix our road since our town meeting. Thanks! to those who voted for this.

Another great barbecue

The Unity American Legion will hold a Barbecue Chicken Dinner on June 27 at noon. This is at the Post 50. Yum.

Cooper’s Snack Shack

Yes. Cooper Wren sells his homemade baked goodies and snow cones at the Back Forty MX. He got a surprise. A banner that said “Cooper’s Snack Shack, Home Baked Goodies and SnowCones & More” when he got there for Race Day. He raises money for charity, and this one now is for the Shriners. Good for him, and thanks, Cooper, we are proud of you. Jessica Ross was thanked for this.


Our heartfelt condolences to Jason and Courtney Edwards and to her mom as well, on the loss of Monty Settles. He will be missed by all who knew him. He had previously worked at Unitel.

Don’t forget

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 20. I wish my dad was still with us.

Marcus is waiting on you

Marcus Lowe has a T-shirt business,”Lowe and Basset Screen Printing.” He and his helpers are doing screen printing, and some very pretty colored Tees. Looks like fluorescent colors too on his Facebook page. Check him out. He is usually in at 10 after 10 daily, 322-7855. Rosie and Cash welcome you. Those are his hounds.

Knox ACO

Our animal control officer, Peter Nerber, has a new cellphone number for contacting him. It is 207-660-8658. We deal with Waterville Humane Society.


Here’s wishing a happy birthday to Paul Flynn on June 13!!! May you have many more.

Our town diner

I hope someone buys the Ridgetop Restaurant very soon. We sure miss the place being so close by, and able to pop in for food. We miss Diane. She can be found running Mammie’s Country Kitchen in Unity.


Our sympathy to the families of the two young people who died in the Winterport fire.

Dirigo Grange aka Freedom Grange

The Grangers will be serving up Strawberry Shortcakes on Sunday, June 27, 2-4 p.m. at what was Ingraham Equipment. Takeout only. You all know where that is. Corner of 137 and 220. Get your Chicken Barbecue in Unity and dessert in Knox. That’s a deal.


Weekly summer meals for your children 18 and younger living in the household. Sign up for pickup. MVHS is Tuesday, 12-12:30, June 21-Aug. 12. Bulk meals or email Tina,, call 568-4607. Other locations available in other towns, just call for places and times available. This program helps many kids.


Time is flying by so fast it seems. This month is half gone already. Make time for family especially. Life is short. That’s all we ask for is your time. Nothing more. I am sure some of you agree.

Old saying

I will never be “Over the Hill,” I’m too dang tired to climb it!

Until next week,

Have a great one. The weather has been better, much more bearable. Get some sun, and maybe the strawberries will be ready to pick soon. Take care all. Call or message me for news to put in my column. Get better to Gwen Kinney. Cousin Art Harris is not doing any better, they don’t know what is wrong with him actually. He needs prayers.

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