PROSPECT — Residents voted to raise $368,535 from taxes for town expenses during the meeting, a 2% increase from the $361,220 raised from taxes last year. This year’s overall budget is $606,285 , up by 6% from last year’s $571,920.

They also approved a new Public Highway Excavation Ordinance and updated the Tax Acquired Property Ordinance at their annual town meeting, which lasted a little over an hour June 12 at the Fire Station.

The roughly 20 residents at the meeting flew through the warrant, stopping only for brief discussions of a few articles.

The excavation ordinance will establish a Planning Board process for projects that involve digging up town-owned roads and place stipulations on the condition of the road after construction, according to Selectman Diane Terry. The ordinance would apply to projects such as placing water lines under a road.

She said most surrounding towns have an ordinance for excavating roads and the one presented at the meeting was modeled on Stockton Springs’ ordinance. The ordinance does not apply to discontinued town roads, the town’s Public Works Department or state highway construction. Permits for excavation on state-owned roads would be issued by the state.

Permits will not be issued from Oct. 15 to April 15, except on an emergency basis, according to the ordinance. Anyone who excavates a road without a permit will be subject to a $50 fine for each offense. If a person violates conditions of the ordinance during excavation, they will receive a $100 fine for each offense, and if a person improperly backfills or improperly repairs the excavation site, they will be required to pay 150% of costs incurred by the town for the proper repairs.

Residents approved an amendment to the Tax Acquired Property Ordinance to bring it into compliance with a special process the state requires towns to go through to keep homeowners on their property longer, Terry said.

In other business, Terry informed residents that the Stockton Springs Ambulance department, which the town pays each year for ambulance coverage, might require Prospect to enter into a formal service contract and increase the amount of funding it requests from the town.

Residents approved $7,500 for the department at the meeting, but Terry expects funding requests for ambulance service to increase in the future, possibly before the fiscal year is over, which would require a special town meeting where residents would need to vote to raise extra funds. So far, Stockton Springs has not asked the town for extra funding.

Terry won reelection for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen and Charles Boynton won reelection as road commissioner for a one-year term

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