AUGUSTA — Gov. Janet Mills has signed a bill from Sen. Chip Curry, D-Belfast, into law.

LD 814, “Resolve, Directing the Maine Community College System To Evaluate the Need To Expand Workforce Training Options in Waldo County,” will determine the workforce training options in Waldo County that need expansion.

“Workforce development is one of the most considerable hurdles we’re facing in Waldo County,” Curry said. “By increasing access to job trainings, we’re connecting people to good-paying jobs here in Waldo County. We’re helping get people real-world skills that translate into a career. Having applicable, local training helps our workforce, small businesses and families.”

LD 814, signed June 14, will require the Maine Community College System to investigate and identify the need for additional workforce development resources in Waldo County. The key industries focused on include electrical trades, carpentry, nursing, HVAC and more. The study also will recommend the best ways for expanding workforce development training in Waldo County, including a timeline and associated costs and facility needs.

The Maine Economic Development Strategy pinpoints two necessary strategies to build a successful, diverse and sustainable economy: growing existing local talent and attracting new talent. As Maine’s economy changes, an increasing number of jobs will require training or education beyond a high school diploma. With most Waldo County residents living more than 25 miles away from a community college, a range of options for workforce development needs to be considered. Maine needs to provide opportunities for individuals to earn necessary qualifications to hold the jobs in our economy.