The Maine Bicentennial Commission (Maine200) is seeking public input for items to include in the State of Maine Bicentennial Time Capsule.

The commission aims to preserve items from older generations for future Mainers to rediscover upon the 2120 tricentennial of statehood.

All Maine citizens are invited to nominate one or more items for inclusion in the capsule, with a focus on those items that may no longer be part of Maine life in 2120.

“We look forward to receiving creative and thoughtful suggestions for the ‘People’s Choice’ time capsule items,” said Sen. Bill Diamond, the chairman of the Maine Bicentennial Commission. “It is both humbling and inspiring to think of how Mainers 100 years from now will react to the items we include, and how it will influence the way they think of the people who are living during this era.”

For details, guidelines and the submission form, Mainers may visit the Bicentennial Time Capsule webpage.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 13, at 5 p.m. Submissions will be accepted online via the time capsule webform. Those who do not have internet access are encouraged to send their suggestions via mail to Maine200, 323 State St., Augusta ME 04330.

The commission will review the submissions and present an array of suggestions for Mainers to vote on in the fall. Those selections will become the People’s Choice items for capsule inclusion. The Bicentennial Time Capsule will be dedicated and sealed in a December ceremony in Augusta.

Sign-ups remain open for Time Capsule Keepers – those who share Maine’s birthday of March 15 – to be stewards of the capsule and ensure that its additional chambers are filled during the State’s milestone anniversaries in 2045, 2070 and 2095.

A grand unsealing of all the chambers is envisioned in 2120.