The following deed transfers were recorded  from June 3 through June 9 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Judith C. Garnett to Scott W. Stark and Lauren W.Stark.

Barbara E. Whitaker Trust to Daniel C. Miller.

Charles M. Roderick to Daniel A. Devereaux and Lynda Devereaux.

Brianna L. Cohn and Adam B. Cohn to Jeffrey Benjamin and Andrea Assael.

Eldred Michael Himsworth Trust to Madeline Fried Revocable Trust.

James K. Rose to Beyond The Meter Corporation.

Carol Holmes to Tamra L. Abbott and Harold M. Abbott.


Edward I. Emery and Barbara A. Emery to Judson C. Colby and Chayann Colby


Gregory L. Bean and Donna I Bean to Gregory L. Bean Living Trust.


Katie Alison Broadfield , Kate Alison Shorey and Margaret Landon Shorey to Brian P. Levesque and Shyanne D. Levesque.

Jeffrey A. Knowlton to Cayla Tozier and David Tozier.

Joseph N. Bellerose and Adriana B. Bellerose to Michael J. Bickford.

David B. Arsenault to Herbert T. Arsenault Jr. TR.

Herbert T. Arsenault Jr. TR to Andrew Steven Cayer and Alexandra Hessen Cayer.

John A. Young, Barbara A. Young and Barbara A. Mahoney to Kristy Lynn Reese.


Elizabeth Rae Johnson Grant 2005 Trust to Ducktrap Management Services LLC.


Harry P. Tower to Islesboro Cottage LLC.

Courtlandt D. Gross TR and BNY Mellon NA TR to Islesboro Cottage LLC.

John C. Devereux TR and Antelo Devereux Jr. TR to Islesboro Cottage LLC.

PNC Bank NA TR and Antelo Devereux Jr. TD to Islesboro Cottage LLC.


Michael Greene to Marshall Daly and Kevin Daly.


Town of Knox to Kenneth Drew and Frank Drew.

Town of Knox to Ralph Pagliaroli.

Town of Knox to Donna Bailey.


Emory Dean Boyer Est. to Molli McBrien-Boyer.

Carrie Peavey to Scates Family Irrevocable Trust.


Carmela Fufour Testamentary Trust to Michel A. Malone.

Michele A. Malone to Michele A. Carpentier and Stacy K. Rossiter.

Great Oaks LLC to Jason Stutheit.

Frank Getchell, Frank A. Getchell and Janet A. Maleski to Frank A. Getchell Revocable Trust of 2021 and Janet A. Maleski Revockable Trust of 2021.

James K. Pennell Family Trust to Ottaviano Family Trust.


James A. Spataro, Christine A. Spataro and Christine A. Laundani to Bo Remy Dennis.

Carol A, Inman and Gary B. Daigle to A & L Holdings LLC.


Judith B. Hughes to Judith B. Hughes Revocable Trust.

Dean Bartlett to Dean Bartlett and Bethany Lynn Bartlett.


Babette Nealey to Kristen Griffin.

Sheila Anne Baur Trust to Steven A. Barrows and Darcy A. Barrows.

Anne N. Morehouse and Anne N. Wallace to Anne N. Wallace.


Daryl M. Horak to Jeremy J. Sears.

Peter E. Nerber, June Foshay, June E. Nerber and Peter A. Nerber to Kevin R. Adair.

Ilene McKenney to Elizabeth Mary Laversa and Anthony Charles Laversa.

Jon A. Giguere to Elijah M. Giguere.


Elwin C. Boynton Jr. and Sandra Boynton to Kelley Scanlon.


Troy R. Moody to Kyle Thomas Glass.


Maine Equity Builders LLC to Deborah Jo S. Landry.

Donald H. Resh to Charles A. W. Resh.

Donald H. Resh to Cyrus Hershel Resh.

Albert Hall IV to AJJ LLC.

Gregory L. Bean and Donna I Bean to Donna I. Bean Living Trust.

Janet A. Grant to Kirk D. Grant and Kristie M. Grant.


Cynthia Grace Wells Administrative Trust to Mark M. Thomas and Adele K. Simpson.

Nancy Smith and Agnes Smith to Broughman Builders Inc.

Coleen F. Damon Revocable Living Trust to Horace R. Seekins III and Jessica Seekins.


Richard S. Horowitz and Leeann T. Horowitz to Marion L. Hughes and Melissa Wallace.

Jeanne K. Schaller Est. to Dennis M. Nardone and Kimberly R. Nardone.


Louise Cole to Travis Cole and Christopher Cole.


Janet A. Blood to Christopher E. Flood and Mary C. Flood.


Barbara B. Higgins Living Trust to Dafeng Mei.


Kimberly D. Page and Donald E. Poirier to Alan M. Cohen.

Misty R. Richardson to Meghann E. Treacy.