By Rita Doughty


Hello All,

It is finally summer! Warm days, rain, and there we have it. But the humidity, nope not for me. We get what we get. The strawberries are still available to pick or buy all picked. Yum, makes great jam.

Knox Boosters Club

Meeting on Thursday, July 1, at 7 p.m. at Daly Family Farm, Old County Road. I imagine still bring your own chair. All are welcome.


Happy 50th anniversary to Walter and Connie Corey June 25!  Also to Barry and Vera McCormick a happy 50th anniversary! May you all have many more.

Farm stand

The Curra Farm Stand in town is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.


Our road is getting some much-needed tar here on Thursday, more to come. Finally!! Thank you !! Been a number of years since it was tarred.

Drug overdoses

I read how many have died from drug overdoses, way too many in 2020, 504. And estimated in March and April of 2021, 101. Basically some from fentanyl by my understanding of this data. Get help, people, before it’s too late.

Our cruising

My sis Marilyn and I take rides quite often to check out the wildlife. She always hunted deer, not me. We saw eight. Fun to go looking for them.

We saw a couple of crows. I saw two hen turkeys with several babies strolling along near me.

Enjoy the Fourth of July coming up. People have been camping.

Until next time,

Be safe and be happy. It is raining as I type this up. Plant some seedlings, I have cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and squash. We will see how they do in my barrels. It is fun, and I love cukes. Someone asked, and I am doing just fine. Thanks for the phone calls to me.


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