By Sadie Lloyd Mudge  

Hello Waldo! What are you doing to enjoy your summer now that it’s officially here? Is your garden fully planted? Mine is almost done; just a few brassica and onion seedlings to get in the ground. Thank goodness for the two rounds of rain we got this week. Our weather station said we got .8” the first time and .6” the second time. Over an inch of rain in one week; thank goodness. Everything looks healthy now, and we got a break from hand watering.

Do you grow garlic? We grow it every year in part because I love the scapes so much. My husband, Sam, asked me the other day if I’d rather have big healthy garlic cloves or bigger scapes when I asked why he was picking the scapes so early (pulling the scapes directs the energy back into the bulb), and I answered “scapes!” without hesitation.

We put as many jars of scape pesto in the freezer as we can each year. It’s my favorite way to remember the taste of summer in the middle of winter, especially in the dark and cold of February. It is particularly indulgent on cheese tortellini. Making scape pesto is on the top of my to-do list for the next week. Have you ever tried it? Grilled scapes are also delicious and take less time to make.

It is going to be a banner fruit year. Our peach tree is three years old and is loaded with peaches. It will drop some before they are ripe, but fresh peaches are surely in our future. Our blueberry bushes must have doubled in size and they are dripping in berries. We put in three new varieties (it is easy to be tempted by the Fedco catalog descriptions when it’s dreary March and it shows up on your doorstep), and two of the plants are already putting out fruit. Raspberries always seem to do well, and this year is no different.

Let me know what’s happening in your neighborhood! Where is your favorite swimming hole? With the Fourth of July coming up, I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have some more town traditions. Email me and let me know what’s going on in your neck of town!

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