NORTHPORT — The following is news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Wednesday, June 23, in scotch foursome play, Randy Berry and Jenna Caler finished first gross 38; Jeff Dutch and Elaine Bielenberg, second gross 41; Mike Marriner and Sheila Marriner, first net 32.5; Dave Hodgdon and Tiffany Hodgdon, second net 34; Steve Drake and Shirley Caler, as well as Jim Boulier and Brenda Boulier, tied third net 34.5; Bob Barrett and Brenda Barrett, fifth net 35; and Slim Peaslee and Barb Peaslee, sixth net 36.

On Tuesday, June 22, in twilight league play, for Class A, Terry Whitney finished first gross 39; Alan Blood, second gross 40; Chad Place, third gross 41; Keith Parker, first net 34; Paul Doody, second net 35; Rick Cronin, third net 37; and Tim Riley and Steve Stanford, tied third net 37.

The Class A pin winner was: Alan Blood, 15-3 on the third and 11-3 on the ninth holes.

For Class B, Mark Bulmer finished first gross 42; Butch Littlefield, Chad Otis and Bruce Spaulding, tied second gross 43; Greg Dutch, first net 33; Steve Drake, second net 34; and Dave Hodgdon, third net 36.

The Class B pin winners were: Chad Otis, 16-0 on the third; and Butch Littlefield, 33-9 on the ninth.

On Sunday, June 20, in points quota play, the team of Terry Whitney, Jerry Mehuren, John Chouinard and Duke Marston finished first at 121; Jesse Johnson, Steve Stanford, Tim Riley and Chris Burrough, second at 119; Bob Delio, Butch Norman, Gary Monroe and Peter Doran, third at 114; and Mike Knox, Keith Parker, Jenna Caler and Don Pendergast, fourth at 111.

For Class A, Jesse Johnson finished first gross 70; Mark Wallace, second gross 77; Terry Whitney and Mike Knox, tied third gross 81; Keith Parker, first net 69; and Peter Hodgkins and Jerry Mehuren, tied second net 71.

The Class A pin winners were: Terry Whitney, 15-10 on the third; Dick Clements, 13-11 on the ninth; Mark Wallace, 23-0 on the 12th; and Jesse Johnson, 4-0 on the 18th.

For Class B, John Chouinard finished first gross 87; Dave Wentworth and Tim Riley, tied second gross 90; Gary Monroe, first net 68; Chad Otis, second net 74; and Duke Marston and Jenna Caler, tied third net 75.

The Class B pin winners were: John McKay, 45-0 on the third; John Chouinard, 14-2 on the ninth; Chris Burrough, 46-0 on the 12th; and Duke Marston, 12-5 on the 18th.

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