FRANKFORT — Several area first responders came to the aid of a Bangor woman who sustained multiple injuries after diving off a ledge at Mount Waldo Quarry July 1.

According to Warden Chris Dyer of the Maine Warden Service, the 19-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, was at the quarry with a friend and attempted to jump into the water from a 30-foot ledge. She had some hesitation at the last minute, he said, which caused her to hit her head on the ledge and she ended up in the water unconscious.

The woman eventually regained consciousness and good Samaritans at the quarry called 911. First responders got her out of the water and carried her in a stretcher to a waiting ambulance, which transported her to a hospital. Dyer did not know the extent of the victim’s injuries but said she hit her head, neck and shoulder.

Mount Waldo diving accident

Chris Dyer of the Maine Warden Service,second from left, communicates with emergency crews July 1 at Mount Waldo Quarry trailhead. Fran Gonzalez

A witness said there was a lot of blood, but added, “We’re just glad she’s doing OK.”

Mount Waldo Quarry

Mount Waldo Quarry, Frankfort. Source: Facebook

The quarry, Dyer said, has been a “hot spot” for people trying to seek relief from the heat for years. Because it is accessible only by hiking a mile-long trail uphill, “it’s hard for rescuers to get in there,” he said.

There is no lifeguard on duty, he said, and anyone swimming at the quarry assumes all risk. He also suggested people look into the water before jumping in, to make sure there are no hidden dangers just below the surface.

Responding agencies included Winterport Ambulance, Stockton Springs, West Frankfort, Frankfort Village, Prospect and Searsport fire departments, along with the Maine Warden Service.