SWANVILLE — Thirteen local captains and crews may have achieved a new benchmark for nautical imaginativeness in their costumes and decorations for this year’s Swan Lake Boat Parade.

Postponed a day by rain,  the parade July 5 drew about 13 competitors who decorated their boats and costumed themselves for the annual whimsical patriotic display and competition.

The grand prize, a dinner cruise of the lake for four, catered by Camden Chef Jeff Stout and sponsored by Ben Pearson, went to David Michaud and crew of Boat 8,  “Nemo and Dory Find Swan Lake.”

AJ “Papa” Johnson’s entry, “Unda the Sea,” took first prize. Courtesy of Megan Benner, Perle Photography

First prize, a $100 gift card from Swan Lake Grocery, was awarded to Boat 1, “Unda the Sea,” featuring King Neptune, a great blue shark and sea life, created by AJ “Papa” Johnson.

Scott Choate, with “Uncle Sam,” took second prize. Courtesy of Megan Benner, Perle Photography

And second prize, a grab bag of goodies from Tractor Supply, went to Scott Choate’s Boat 6, “Uncle Sam,” which carried Sam and the Statue of Liberty.

Courtesy of Megan Benner, Perle Photography

Parade Marshals were Jon Benner and Craig Dionne.