MONTVILLE — Kevin Coffin, owner of Mainely Pizza, the new eatery at the former Peavey’s General Store on Route 3, likes to think of his new venture as another culinary option for people to choose from in the area.

Kevin Coffin, owner of Mainly Pizza,, greets customers at his new business. Fran Gonzalez

“There are a lot of places for people to eat around here — we just wanted to make a contribution,” he said modestly. People who come and try the food, can make their own determination. “I think they will be pleased,” he added.

The opportunity to operate a business came up after Peavey’s closed its doors in April, 2020, he said, and since he was not working full-time, he decided to start Mainely Pizza. Originally his plan was to renovate two apartments on the second floor of the facility, and possibly add a third. Now he sees the apartments as a steady source of income that can offset slow times at the store.

The pizza shop officially opened its doors Tuesday, June 29, and according to Coffin, that evening, it lost power due to an outage in the area. “We had plenty of on-the-job training,” he said, with some of his crew having little experience working in a busy pizza shop before. 

“We’ve got some really good people,” he said. Some worked at the store before when it was Peavey’s, and have shown him how everything flows — “we are all learning together.”

Coffin, his wife and two daughters have jumped into the pizza business with enthusiasm While his wife manages the operation, one daughter helps in the kitchen and the other trains people on the front-end side of things. Coffin greets people and helps support the crew in any way he can.

“I wasn’t planning on running a store 24-7,” he said, but he thought it could once again be a community hub while offering a few jobs and maybe making some money along the way. Last week, he said, he was at the store for many hours greeting people. “My wife was getting here at 4 a.m. to make sure the muffins were ready, then getting home at 11 p.m.”

Coffin hopes business picks up to a level where he and his family will not have to work all day and all night to make it happen. “It’s a learning experience,” he said. “We’ve been fairly busy afternoons and evenings with mornings being a little slower.”

Peavey’s store sustained a fire before closing in April 2020 but according to Coffin, overall, the store remained in good shape. There was some smoke damage and some wiring had to be replaced, but, “it was minimal.”

He said it took a lot of elbow grease to wash all the inside walls, and to repaint all the walls and trim. All the old equipment was replaced as well. “We were able to get most things off Facebook Marketplace buying stuff one piece at a time,” he said. Some items, however, needed tinkering, but now they have everything they need.

Finding good ingredients is important to Coffin, and whenever possible, he tries to source products locally. After being open just a few weeks, the pizza shop has garnered heaps of positive reviews on Facebook. “Everything has been word of mouth so far,” Coffin said.

Former Peavey’s General Store employee Lesley Wooldridge assembles sandwiches at Mainely Pizza in Montville July 6. Fran Gonzalez

Besides 10- and 16-inch pizzas with standard offerings of cheese, Hawaiian, veggie, meat lovers, and loaded, other available toppings include bacon, pepperoni, ham, hamburger, sausage, mushrooms, olives, onions, green peppers, pickles, tomatoes, broccoli, banana peppers and jalapeño peppers.

Also available are cold and hot sandwiches, several sides and salads, and hamburgers, grilled ham and cheese on homemade bread, and Kirschner hot dogs. Organic coffee and homemade bakery items are sold as well.

The shop also offers staples such as bags of ice and a propane tank exchange service for barbecues. In the future, Coffin hopes to offer grab-n-go lunches that can be easily reheated, such as shepherd’s pie or mac ‘n’ cheese, and would like to offer additional staples like bags of sugar or fixings for s’mores — “all the important stuff.” And a new sign is on its way.

“Come in for a cinnamon roll, fresh coffee, breakfast sandwich or a breakfast pizza, besides all the usual suspects,” Coffin said.

Mainely Pizza is open daily Tuesday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and is closed Sunday and Monday. For more information, check out Mainly Pizza on Facebook or call 589-4211.


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