KNOX — Larry Alexander, 64, of Shushan, New York, allegedly kidnapped, terrorized, assaulted and sexually assaulted a woman  repeatedly from June 20 to June 23, according to Waldo County Superior Court documents. Alexander was staying at a home in the town at the time.

Alexander and the victim had met two months before the assault, but the victim told police that their relationship was not sexual and she never consented to sex. She went to where he was staying in Knox to get to know him better, according to the affidavit.

Once she was inside his home, Alexander used a restraint to rape and sodomize the victim. He was rough while raping her and he would not stop being rough after she asked him to. She asked him to take her home and he refused, according to the police report.

He threatened her for the next few days to silence her while in public or around other people and continued to rape her at his home while she was held captive.

She said he would not let her wear clothes while they were alone inside the house. He forced her to shower with him while he instructed her how to clean herself with soap. Whenever she tried to refuse to do something, he would threaten her into complying.

Alexander had not treated her like this on previous visits to his house because the homeowner was there, she told police. The homeowner told the police that she was gone during the days when the incidents took place.

When Alexander released her, he threatened her with physical violence if she told anyone what had happened. While talking with her daughter when he dropped the victim off, Alexander was pinching the victim’s leg, which her daughter noticed, as if to remind her not to contradict what he was saying. The victim immediately called authorities after he left and was seen at a hospital that day.

Alexander was arrested June 24 and charged with gross sexual assault, kidnapping, terrorizing and assault. At his bail hearing July 1, the judge set bail at $50,000 and required him to wear a GPS monitor if he posts bail.  Alexander, who is being held at the Knox County Jail, will be in court again Aug. 10.