MIDCOAST — Oshima Brothers recently released a new song entitled “The Afterglow” and a music video that features brothers Sean and Jamie Oshima in the hilly blueberry fields of Hope. The brothers say “we wrote ‘The Afterglow’ for our childhood friends. It’s an anthem of love and nostalgia for them and how things change.” The video, which the band directed and edited, is a golden romp through those memories with interments and effects.

According to Oshima Brothers, the world needs more platonic love songs. “In the woods of Maine, at age 13, I built a small wooden cabin. That cabin was the first place I drank beer with friends and the first place I felt real freedom. ‘The Afterglow’ is about the sepia-tinged days I spent with my closest crew and how our lives have changed. I sang it at my childhood friend’s wedding in the gold dusk last summer.”

Maine-based indie duo Oshima Brothers have been creating music together since childhood. The brothers blend songs from the heart with blood harmonies to produce a “roots-based pop sound that is infectious.” (NPR) On stage, Sean and Jamie offer lush vocals, live looping, foot percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, vintage keyboard and bass—often all at once. They want every show to feel like a deep breath, a dance party and a sonic embrace. When not recording or touring they find time to film and produce their own music videos, tie their own shoes and cook elaborate feasts. Maine Public Radio’s Sara Willis describes their songs as “beautiful, those brother harmonies can’t be beat. They are uplifting and, let’s face it, we need uplifting these days.”

Watch the new “The Afterglow” music video on the Oshima Brothers YouTube channel at youtube.com/watch?v=tFvLxfMsKCs, or listen to their single wherever you stream music. To keep up to date on their live touring schedule, check out their website at oshimabrothers.com and join their mailing list.