The following deed transfers were recorded  from June 24 through June 30 2021 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Lorelei Ann Ray and Lorlelei Ann Shute to Justin Darren Shute.

Heather J. Smyth to Daniel F. Waldron and Kathleen L. Dunckel.

Belfast Free Library to Martin J. Crowe.

University of Maine Foundation to Martin J. Crowe.

Timothy D. Dutch and Jean I. Dutch to Susan Bryant.

Ross Whitaker to Kendra E. Newcombe.

Marcia Sandra Daniels to Old Belfast Bank LLC.

James J. Dooling and Elizabeth Tenaglia to Tammy Lacher Scully and John F. Scully.

Martin J. Crowe to 87 Church Street Properties LLC and Eighty Seven Church Street Properties LLC.


Town of Belmont to E & T Homes LLC and Homes Unlimited LLC.

Paul Rybarczyk to Houston Jennifer McGuirk and Michael James McGuirk.

Benjamin Dunham to Andrew T. Kirk and Donna Kirk.


Harold R. Henriksen and Susan A. Henriksen to Harold R. Henriksen, Susan A. Henriksen and Kirk Henriksen.

Shelby Rose Wright-Bourne and Brandon Wesley Wright-Bourne to Samantha Fife.


William G. Wade and Donna Wade to Sally L. Brophy and Constance N. Hatch.


Peebles Family Living Trust to Keith Landry and Tanya Landry.

Jennifer M. Whitlow Revocable Trust to Michael G. MacDougall.

Manning Family Realty Trust to Jo F. Manning-Souza and Judith H. Manning-Leonard.


Robert F. Royds to Anthony P. Nickerson and Marrije Nickerson.

Town of Jackson to Michael Greene and Mirta Greene.


Margaret Quebec and Ronald Quebec to Thomas LaFreniere.


Wayne Jackson to Benjamin G. Harrison and Mary Ida Kurita Keiko.


LFD Atlantic Highway LLC to Anchor & Thistle LLC.

Craig A. Smith to Jeffrey T. Smith.

MJCJ LLC to Railroad Square Realty LLC.

Elizabeth L. Ingalls Est. to Doreen L. Hadley.


Brianna L. Cohn and Adam B. Cohn to Robbin L. League.


Kenneth C. Ashe and Robin R. Ashe to George Ataya.

Corie Skidgell to Earl S. Webber.


Allan Michael Hurd to Corie L. Singer.


Maureen T. O.Keefe and Maureen O’Keefe Stalla to Maureen T. O’Keefe Revocable Living Trust.

Clair T. Fraser II to Gregory Wight.

Samuel R. Lanning to Adam W. Kalakowsky and Erin K. Kalakowsky.

Brian Fraser and Lisa Fraser to Mark Allen Stovall

Ralph A. Flanders to Jane B. Nealey.


Betty T. Glidden Est. to Susan I. Leary, Rodney H. Glidden, Patricia G. Maillet and Rebecca J. Glidden.

James L. Pease and Donna M. Pease to Caleb Kinney and Marina Kinney.


Charles Fairbrother Jr. to Mary E. Brown.

Daniel H. Fairbrother and Daniel Fairbrother to Mary E. Brown.

Thomas B. McDaniel, Brian T. McDaniel and Kaitlynn McDaniel to Eric J. Dutra.


Kathleen Finlay to Noel Ward and Jan Ward.

Kyle J. Dunbar Est. to Derek W. Dunbar and Wendy L. Dunbar.


Joseph L. Soper, Danielle P. Soper and Danielle P. Bouchard to Donna M. Webber and Randy H. Webber Sr.


Town of Swanville to Glenda Brown.

Town of Swanville to James Sebastiano and Kathryn Sebastiano.

E. Michael Hoffmann and Karin G. Hoffman to Kathy L. Jordan and Venetia Claire Shaw.


Brenda L. Morin and Gabriel J. Morin to Theodore W. Reynolds.

Randolph M. West Est. to Lacey S. Duval and Alexander R. Lurvey.

Stephen J. McKenna to McKenna-Baran Family Trust.

Derek T. Davis to Duoqin Li.


Mark A. Mesaric II and Tammy Rossignol to Dalton M. Rossignol.


Leon Graves to John E. Patrick.

Jan L. McIntyre and Jan M. Mank to Ivan L. Young Sr. and Erika R. Young.


Geraldine Gavard Est. to Janet L. Sale.

Dianna P. Darling, Diane P. Darling, Melissa C. Stearns, Mark G. Moran and Stephanie A. Perkins to Dianna P. Darling.

 Jacob C. Ward, Taylor L. Ward and Taylor L. Emhart to Dillan Thomas Littlefield and Eliza Marie Davidson.

Dale M. Wibberly and Cynthia R. Wibberly to James A. Grendell and Jenifer L. Grendell.

Jacob W. Metzler and Michele G. Metzler to Calvin M. Patterson and Megan E. Cunningham.