NORTHPORT — The following is news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Thursday, July 8, in women’s day results, Sharon Dehayes finished first gross 48; Ava Collins, second gross 50; Kara Greer, third gross 51; Veronica Westbo and Pam Williams, tied first net 37; and Karen Trassati, third net 38. Pin winner: Ane Kirkpatrick.

On Wednesday, July 7, in scotch foursome play, Jim Desmarteau and Lisa Desmarteau finished first gross 38; Ian Sady and Leslie Eaton, as well as Randy Berry and Jenna Caler, and Jeff Dutch and Elaine Bielenberg, tied second gross 39; Slim Peaslee and Barb Peaslee, first net 26; Butch Littlefield and Evelyn Littlefield, second net 30; and Cecil Eastman and Loretta Eastman, along with Larry Jones and Paula Herron, tied third net 31; and Ken Gordon and Sue Gordon, as well as Lee Woodward and Phyllis Gaul, tied fifth net 32.

On Tuesday, July 6, in twilight league play, for Class A, Randy Berry, Kevin Dains and Mark Wallace finished tied first gross 36; Chad Place and Tim Riley, tied first net 34; and Keith Parker, third net 35.

Class A pin winners: Kevin Dains, 21-5 on the third; and Jake Hauk, 9-7 on the ninth.

For Class B, Bruce Spaulding finished first gross 41; John O’Neil, second gross 44; Terry Fancy, third gross 47; Scott Hawthorne and Dave Hodgdon, tied first net 35; and Bill Farris, third net 36.

Class B pin winners: Dave Hodgdon, 20-0 on the third; and Phil Bowen, 48-0 on the ninth.

On Monday, July 5, in a flag tournament, the results were: 1, Tim Riley; 2, Butch Norman; 3, Randy Berry; 4, Dave Hodgdon; 5, Mark Wallace and Alex Carroll; 7, Jenna Caler, Chad Place and Tiffany Hodgdon.

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