By Tyler Hadyniak


I am glad to be home, even if jet lags means my body doesn’t think I am. I had a fantastic time in Germany, but was quite homesick near the end and anxious to get back home. I have always thought that it is important to sometimes leave the state, even if only to realize how lucky we are to live here. This time, I got a healthy reminder of that lesson, plus great quality time with my friend and family.

The Freedom Rec Committee has announced its Aug. 21 “Parade and Field Day Events.” The theme this year is “Happy Birthday Maine!” Maine turned 200 years old last year, but festivities across the state were delayed by COVID. Hopefully now people feel comfortable enough to come out and celebrate the state in a way that does not require Zoom. Video communications are a great innovation, but certainly not a substitute for face-to-face interaction.

Freedom’s celebration will include a parade at 10 a.m.;, a boat parade at the Freedom Boat Landing at 11 a.m., a chicken barbecue at noon, “Tickles the Clown” at noon, as well, and music provided by the “Don & Steve” band. If you have any suggestions on what else the town can put on, please let me know.

That’s it — a sparse column from me this week as town column deadlines have been moved up and I have only been back in state for a couple of days. Enjoy the beautiful weather!