By Ashlie Stubbs


Hello Monroe!

Things seem a bit quiet around town as July weather yo-yos all over the place. Perhaps you saw it was warmer this past Christmas Day than our recent Fourth of July…don’t you just love weather in Maine? I’ll admit, I sent Ethan off with a winter hat for Oliver on Saturday, July 3, when they spent the evening in the boat on Randall Pond fishing and watching fireworks!


My heart is broken for the family and friends of Tara Grotton. Tara passed away recently after a courageous battle with cancer; a young, vibrant life taken much too soon. She and her husband, Wayne, have been residents of Monroe for many years, along with their children. Thoughts and prayers are with all who were fortunate enough to have been known and loved by Tara.

Flying the Pride flag

As Pride month came to an end, Monroe Community Church, UCC, celebrated it on “Open and Affirming Sunday” June 27 by proudly displaying the Pride flag on the church. The Rev. Bob Evans explained in an email message that, in part, the flag “symbolizes being reconciled to God as divine children, One in the Spirit and born on the wings of Eternity.”

Pictured June 27 in front of Monroe Community Church, UCC’s new Pride flag are, from left, Susan Evans, Pastor Bob Evans, Suzanne Hall, Roland Clements, Marnee Clements and Nancy Fenney. Courtesy of Monroe Community Church, UCC

The pastor announced that the church has “officially shown our colors as followers of Christ’s command to love one another in the same manner as we love God — with our whole being.”

“Our church, with the guidance of our Open and Affirming Committee chaired by Suzanne Hall, has joined thousands of others in raising the Pride flag of peace and reconciliation, a symbol in part of a joining of divine children of God, as one, on our journey to a more spiritually perfect communion,” he said.

“The flag is also a visible and humble invitation to those in the LGBTQ+ community to join us on our holy journey together, and is an assurance that we, not only accept them for who God created them to be, but that we are their ally, as brothers and sisters, and a safe place for them to be. For me personally,” he added, “it is a wonderfully, hopeful sign that our hearts are still growing and that ‘God is Still Speaking’ and teaching us all how to love divinely.”

Northern Pond reminder

A recent complaint posted on the Monroe Community Facebook page prompted a townwide reminder that the trails and land in the town’s Northern Pond land parcel off the Dahlia Farm Road are, indeed, public access and therefore, clothing is not optional. Many individuals and families, many with young children, access the public town trails year-round and should be able to do so without worrying about coming across individuals choosing to do so sans clothing. Public property needs to stay PG!

Camp Rosemoore

I was fortunate enough to host my nieces and nephews once again for a week of “summer camp” at Rosemoore Farm. Campers this year were Mia from Deerfield, N.H.; siblings Evie and Emmett from Skowhegan; and special guest, cousin Avery Grace from Palermo. Oliver and Ethan were again official staff members, and I was assigned the role of director.

Highlights from our week included a girls’ shopping spree to Bangor and a tie-dying session with Nannie Lisa, visits from Cookie Nana, a midweek overnight sleepover at Meg’s in Palermo, a visit to Cedar Swamp Farm in Brooks to ride horses with Jane, evening garden weeding sessions, lots of bike riding and chicken chasing, a couple of tractor rides through the woods to Thistle Pond, target shooting with GPa Darryl and Uncle Ethan, selecting special rocks from the gravel pits and then painting them. We concluded the week with an early 2nd birthday party for Oliver. Mia and Evie helped make Oliver’s dirt cake and it came out delicious!

I thoroughly enjoy hosting them at the farm, and if we are unable to squeeze another session or two in this summer, I look to welcome their energy, chaos, smiles and hugs back again next year for the third year in a row.

A special thank you to my sister, Katie, for making our camp shirts again!

Have a great week!