By Linda Dixon


Sincere condolences are being sent to the family and many friends of Tara Grotton. The fight is over, now rest in peace.

Dustin has been dog-sitting this past week for Chris and Lisa.  We enjoy having Mia every chance we get.  She is a great dog.

The gardens are really growing and so are the weeds. I have been managing to keep ahead of the weeds so far.  The radishes are about gone by, the beet greens are really good and I am getting anxious for some home-grown cucumbers!

I have been setting a have-a-heart trap to try to catch a few woodchucks and relocate them. I had success with one woodchuck being rehomed, but all I have caught since is two birds and a possum.  I wonder what will venture into the trap next.

Dustin is getting a new stereo system set up in the gazebo and is real happy about the upgrade. I have to get some speaker wire and we will be all set.

The brown-tail moth situation is improving around here slowly.  I have sprayed several times and put the granules on the ground around each tree that was affected and watered it in. Hopefully next year will be better.

Condolences are being sent to the relatives and friends of Jeanette Work. She worked tirelessly on the  Brooks Field Day for many years. She will be missed.

I had a call from my old schoolmate, Donnie Bagley, recently. We again managed a few laughs about past high jinx.

Papa Dixon was a recent visitor of Dustin. They sat in the shed and played lots of old tunes on Dustin’s Alexa. There was a lot of toe-tapping and eating of cheese and crackers. Papa always puts a smile on Dustin’s face.

I hope everyone had a fun-filled Fourth of July.

I am still waiting for some news about town from some of you out there. There must be some goings-on somewhere in Thorndike.

Phyllis Diller is quoted as saying, “I’m at an age where my back goes out more than I do.”

Have a great week and get those walks in.