By Sadie Lloyd Mudge  

Hello Waldo!

Once again we had a holiday weekend that was cold and rainy, despite the regular heat and sun we have had otherwise. It wasn’t much fun being stuck inside but I am glad that everything growing out in the field is finally starting to kick into gear. It is not too late to stick some last-minute things in the garden, as everything grows so fast right now.

I recently completed the first big lavender harvest. I am hoping there will be at least one more full flush of blooms. Bundles of the purple flowering stems are now hanging in a bedroom in our house.

We harvested the last bed of garlic scapes this past week. Nan Cobbey sent me a timely email with some scape recommendations. She likes to steam the flower heads (before they open) and then dip them in melted butter. We tried it this week and they are indeed very delicious (what dripping in melted butter isn’t?). She also plants garlic in her flower gardens because the scapes are so visually interesting. I think I might try that next year; what a great idea. Thanks Nan!

I’m growing lots of different interesting flowers this year (Bells of Ireland, celosias, amaranths, to name a few) that I will have for sale if they bloom well. I was out walking with Monty recently on Littlefield Road near the dairy farm and I noticed how beautiful the sides of the road are right now. Here I am putting all this effort into flowers and yet nature seems to do it just as well and with much less effort!

The medicinals, as always, are doing well (my business is largely based around medicinal herbs and flowers). I have noticed that the yellow star-like blooms of the St. John’s Wort are abundant this year. When St. John’s Wort is prolific it makes me think that we are headed for a tough winter ahead. St. John’s Wort is often used by those who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, or the winter blues). Maybe nature is trying to help us prepare for the future.