BELFAST – A truly artistic garden will be on display Friday, July 16, at the home of Kate McLeod, 76 Patterson Hill Road, East Belfast, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is part of Belfast Garden Club’s Open Garden Days and a $5 donation is requested to help sustain club operations.

McLeod is a gardener and landscape designer who says she really loves flowers. Her passion has turned into a thriving business serving over 50 gardens in the Midcoast.

A rustic gate greets visitors at the home of Kate McLeod in East Belfast.

When she first bought her house, the fields had not been mowed in some time and were filled with garbage. “I slowly started to work on the garden, burning all of the grass, and spent weeks picking up trash,” she said. To aid in the decomposition and create soil, McLeod covered all the burdock and weeds with cardboard. If you have good soil, your plants will be healthy, she advises. Because she is a professional gardener and is in plant stores all the time, she said she tends to get things for herself, as well as for her clients.

McLeod said her favorite part of the garden is always the part she is working on — “the newest area is my favorite.” She said she is about to take out the lower back grass area and put in a new garden complete with firepit. Sometimes for a project like that, McLeod receives a little help from her phenomenal crew. “I have a fun job,” she said, “and at the end of the day I get to come home and work on my own garden.”

She plans to start a display garden, a micro-nursery of sorts, where people can see how different plants work together or can thrive in various locations. It will be an English-style garden, she said, where people can enjoy tea and shop for beautiful things.

McLeod used to be an artist and referred to her garden as a big art project. “It’s clearly not done,” she said, “it’s still evolving.” She likes to let plants do what they like to do, unless they start misbehaving, she said, and then they are out.

Beautiful bouquets of cut flowers, arranged by McLeod’s daughter, will be available for sale on Open Garden Day.

The Belfast Garden Club has promoted public gardens and stimulated the knowledge and love of gardening for more than 90 years. Proceeds from the club’s fundraising support local public gardens and several scholarship funds. FMI, visit