The following deed transfers were recorded from July 1 through June 7, 2021, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Kimberly Wood to Jan M. Gorton.

Crosby Manor Estates Condominium Association to Penelope Armstrong.

Husson Park LLC to Glenn A, Cicchini and Marjorie M. Cicchini.

David Fulford Irrevocable Trust to Alexander P. Giblin and Lauren L. Valle.

Kathleen Robinson Weston and Mark S. Weston to Samuel A. Polek and Jennifer L. Setzer-Polek.

Rebekka L. Freeman-Merrithew and Rebekka L. Freeman to Bruce L. Wood and Matthew W. Wood.

John E. Quirk and Bernice B. Quirk to Linda A. Monica Revocable Trust of 2006.

Leanne B. Ferland and Joseph M. Perry to Ferland-Perry Revocable Trust.

Gladys W. LaRocque to Juanita L. Palmer.

Daniel J. Ladd and Maureen G. Ladd to Bridget L. Bowen and Michael A. Bowen.


John C. Bayles to Alexander F. Brigham.

Wag-Drum & Snow LLC to Phillips Family Trust.

Kenneth J. Sparaco and Kathleen K. Sparaco to Gwendolyn Emrys Tatreaus.

Ethan Emery Revocable Trust to Matthew Emery, Dana Emery, John Josiah Emery and Dewolf Emery.

Ethan Emery Revocable Trust to Matthew Emery, Dana Emery, John Josiah Emery and Dewolf Emery.

James Owen Howell to Elizabeth Marie Howell and Elizabeth M. Howell.


Robert D. Eldridge to Michael Louis Gervasi and Lisa M. Gervasi.


Basil Wentworth to John P. Wentworth.


Heal Shore LLC to Blane C. Casey.

Blane C. Casey to Lisa M. Stevens.

Carrie Peavey to Dorothy M. Thornton Living Trust.

Dorothy M. Thornton and Dorothy M. Harrison to Harrison Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

Russell J. Hudson and Rachel L. Hudson to Courtney Walton.


Cathy Kay Sears to Jeffrey S. Rudolph and Andrea S. Rudolph.

Jarica Weed to Donna M. Schwartz.


Brianna L. Cohn and Adam B. Cohn to Robbin J. League.


John S. Tuttle to Sarah Ann Berlinghoff and Edwin Earven Nain.

Howard J. Gallagher and Margaret M. Gallagher to Amanda Leigh Kizer and Edward Wadie Bahou.

Joan M. Muldoon Est. to Howard Gallagher and Margaret Gallagher.

Jonathan Eugene Bancroft to Jonathan Eugene Bancroft and Marcia Sandra Daniels.


David F. Provost to Scott Bailey and Tanya Bailey.

Spencer E. Turner and Vickie L. Turner to Spencer E. Turner and Vickie L. Turner.

Eileen Pires to Eileen Pires Revocable Trust of 2001.


Weyman Cowan and Darlene Cowan to Emery Shute Jr. and Darolyn Shute.


Richard L. Wyman II to Colin Cornwall and Catherine Z. Cornwall.


James R. Babb, Linda A. Babb and Linda H. Babb to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Nichols Street Runquist LLC to Richard B. Nickerson.

Jonathan B. Treat Revocable Trust of 1995 to Christopher Colby and Diane-Marie S. Colby.


LSF11 Master Participation and U S Bank Trust NA TR to LSF11 Master Participation Trust and U S Bank Trust NA TR.

Leslie M. Lavender Trust and Louis Michael Lavender Trust to William L. Stoddard and Diane C. Stoddard.

Patricia A. Curley and Kimberly A. Marrone to Maria W. Wciorka-Rowe.


Arthur R. Gardiner Jr. to Dennis W. Merry.


Bizy BS LLC to Brooks Preservation Society and Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad.

JV Home Solutions LLC to David Timothy Deboe Jr.

Juanita Reynolds to Jacqueline Carey.


Matthew H. Arkin and Jason H. Arkin to Donald L. Smith and Barbara M. Smith.


Jeanne M. England and Rori A. Knott to HBH Builders Lawncare & Snow Removal LLC.

Caterpillar Hill Properties LLC to Sundance Campbell and Michele Campbell.

NA Peet LLC to Noah V. Peet and Addie W. Peet.

Patricia R. Bean to Teddy A. Gray and Rita A. Rackwitz.

Abbie N. Stover Est and Abbie M. Rogers Est. to Brynn Hayden Sawyer Cardozo.

Claudette M. Nason to Suzanne Chase.

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