Aging Well in Waldo County plans to launch an all-volunteer transportation program, called Gift of a Lift, or GOAL, in September, to enable people to enjoy meaningful lives as they age, while staying in their homes.

The service will provide free transportation for errands, socializing, classes, exercises, volunteering, shopping or activities. Anyone who wants to be a driver or a volunteer serving on the committee or who needs a ride should call 218-0207, option 3, or email

This program is for adults 50 years or older who live in Waldo County and their caregivers.  The drivers will take riders across the county for activities that are not already being provided by other organizations. GOAL also intends to operate beyond business hours for reasons other than medical appointments when drivers are available.

To do this the group needs volunteer drivers from different regions of Waldo County.  To be a driver, one must fill out a form, be background checked and present a vaccination passport, driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Aging Well’s COVID guidelines continue to be updated. An orientation session will help drivers understand the program as well as its limitations.

Riders must preregister by calling or emailing.  GOAL will need riders’ addresses and whether they will need assistance getting to the car, as well as riders’ vaccinations passports.

Volunteers are also needed to serve on the GOAL Committee.  These volunteers may schedule riders and drivers, promote GOAL to maximize services offered, communicate with the volunteers involved in this program, train drivers or perhaps drive when a driver is unable to take a shift.