By Tyler Hadyniak


On Saturday a college buddy, Jeremy, came to visit me, so we took the kayaks out on Freedom Pond. What a gorgeous day! We kayaked from the Freedom Boat Landing to the pond’s opposite side and back. However, when we got back to shore I saw my lights were still on and my battery dead. A huge shout-out to the friendly fellow resident who tried to jumpstart my car, couldn’t get a good connection on her battery, and actually went back home to get her portable battery. She did all this while stewarding her two small children. That’s being a great neighbor.

My friend — originally from New Hampshire and long-time resident of Biddeford — was quite impressed with our town. I drove him through the village as we made our way to Freedom Pond. He was dumbstruck when I told him the town was so small that we don’t even have a bank (for some reason the metric by which many out-of-staters measure the scope of a town), and that the local school district served 11 different towns, mostly all with a population under one thousand people. Throughout college he had heard me talk about Freedom and how I was proud to grow up there, but this was his first time seeing the town first hand.

I thanked him for making the effort to visit and drive the necessary 3 1/2-hour round-trip. When Catherine and I moved to Freedom, one of our fears was losing touch with our social circles, which are still mostly centered in southern Maine. But I am quite thrilled, maybe more relieved, that so far our fears are not realized. I frequently go down to Portland to visit friends, and sometimes they come to visit us on Beaver Ridge. Regardless, I told Catherine that as long as we put in the effort to stay in touch, we will.

The Planning Board recently approved an application by The Lost Kitchen to slightly expand their operation to include three cabins to accommodate overnight guests. I would imagine this is a welcome opportunity for visitors who travel long distances to eat at the Lost Kitchen, but then do not want to travel to Belfast, Waterville, Augusta, or anywhere else to stay in a hotel.

Hopefully we get a break from the recent cloudy weather, but so far that is not shaping up to be the case. Enjoy what good weather we have!