By Meredith Toumayan


That was some rain we had July 9! Our rain gauge said 5 ¼ inches here in the village. The sump pump churned for hours. The barn swallow family stayed in all day, swooping from rafter to rafter. On a bright note, we were so pleased to have visitors from away. Our son and daughter-in-law came for the Fourth of July holiday, all the way from Los Angeles — so wonderful to see them after over a year!

Please, dear readers, don’t be shy about sharing your news with all of us.

New signs

You will notice that there are new metal signs going up at the Town Office complex. Each building will have its fraying and peeling plywood-based sign replaced. Thank you to Matt Bush for making this installation happen.

State budget impact

Gov. Mills has signed off on the new state budget for fiscal year 2022-23. This budget will achieve the promise of meeting the state’s obligation to pay 55% of the cost of K-12 education for the first time in the state’s history. This will reduce the amount of money Jackson will have to pay out to Regional School Unit 3 starting with this 2021-22 school year. Stay tuned for expected adjustments, downward, to our mill rate.

Additionally, road assistance funds also increased, which will be applied to our road bond in Jackson.

Town Office

Next Select Board’s meeting is Tuesday, July 27, 6:30 p.m. Reminder: Town Office will be closed Thursday, July 22, and Thursday, July 29.

Jackson history nugget

I thought I’d share this high praise of Jacksonians from 1912 — but apparently there was a limit: “There is but little we can say about the inhabitants of Jackson along these years. They were an honest industrious people, working hard to provide a home for themselves and families. Always ready to give a helping hand when needed… In 1815, when Michael Heighton raised his barn he furnished three gallons of rum to do it with. When they got the body of the barn up the rum was all gone and the men refused to put on the roof until he got more rum.”

1912 Historical Address of the Town of Jackson given by Everett E. Morton at the One Hundredth Anniversary of Jackson as a Plantation.

I’m not sure where this barn raising was, exactly, but now I’m wondering if it stood the test of time.