BRADLEY — Looking for something to do? Spend a summer day the old-fashioned way at Maine Forest and Logging Museum, 262 Government Road in Bradley. On Saturday, July 24, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., museum staff will be firing up the way they used to fire up — lots of forge fires and steam!

On the museum grounds named for the original sawmill owner, Oliver Leonard, the old ways are on display. One match in the firebox of the 1907 Lombard log-hauler starts about four hours of woodburning to get enough steam up to move 20 tons of powerful machinery. The very first lag-treaded vehicle, it was the machine to revolutionize work in the woods and led to all the bulldozers, tanks and snowmobiles we have today.

A turn of the key gets the gas Lombard out of the shop 1930s style. A Lombard dump truck is on the way, too — a unique opportunity to see three rare antique machines built in Waterville being operated.

A match touched to a ball of paper nestled in a forge fire pot gets coal burning quite quickly! Come and try your hand with a hammer and hot metal! Portable forges and anvils will be set up for visitors to try the old-fashioned skill of the blacksmith.

Firing up the mills too — water-powered, rotary and shingle. Check out the different ways to power up — with the flow from Blackman Stream or with old truck engines. The museum is off-the-grid, so they use the old-fashioned ways to operate equipment. Many a shingle mill was powered out back with a cast-off truck engine.

Chet Grady’s belt-driven machine shop from Belfast was run on electricity, which we provide with a generator. One shaft and many machines — an efficient use of power!

You can help supply the power to move the batteau — they will have rides up the stream if they get enough volunteers!

Make your way around the museum to see everything — spinning, woodworking and more. And don’t forget to stop in for beanhole beans — the pit is fired up on Friday so the big pots can spend the night buried! A really neat, stacked fire cooks the biscuits in reflector ovens. Shortcake for dessert, or maybe a cone from the Spencer’s ice cream truck. Or maybe take your shortcake over to the truck and get a scoop of ice cream on top!

The event is at 262 Government Road off Route 178, Bradley. $10 adults, $5 for children 3-17, $30 family of 4 (same household), members free!

Volunteers are always needed, so help out and get in free! Contact us at 207-974-6278, Check out the website at for more info about event activities.