By Sadie Lloyd Mudge  

Hello Waldo!

Sue Blais recently wrote to me and said a woman named Michelle bought Sue’s grandfather’s house (Linwood Whitney’s house, across from Town Hall). Sue’s happy to welcome such a nice neighbor and to see new life breathed into the building. Welcome, Michelle!

It is great to see older houses well-kept as opposed to knocked down or notably changed. This is especially so in this time when more fields seem to be disappearing to new houses or old, beautiful houses are forever changed by modern additions.

Having grown up in this area and then returned after being away for a decade, some of the landscape here is imprinted on me. It is hard to see beautiful fields turn into house lots, or 100-year-old (or older) farmhouses noticeably changed. With my background in urban planning, I’m sensitive to development respecting the natural landscape; for example, it’s better to tuck a house in the corner of a field (or better yet back in the woods a little) to maintain the rural landscape, than to drop it right in the middle.

For so long, places like Waldo have been lucky in some ways to have little development pressure; our beautiful country roads have stayed pretty much the same since before I was born; some long before that.

The benefits of small towns like ours are obvious now, and really who can blame anyone for wanting to live here. Big changes take some getting used to, though, and maybe it will never be the same; I already miss how my neighborhood looked was when I moved here, and that was just five years ago. It makes us wonder, do you have to go elsewhere to get the experience we have loved?

Have you lived in your neighborhood for decades? In what ways has it changed or stayed the same? What do you like about your area of Waldo? Do you see a lot of change around you? You can send me an email and let me know.

Did you know there are still 70 days left of summer? It’s a good reminder to soak it up and enjoy it!




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