BELFAST — The Belfast Police Department held an internal ceremony July 6 recognizing officers who have demonstrated exemplary heroism, bravery, and skill in their positions recently. Belfast Police Chief Gerry Lincoln as well as members of the Waldo community commended officers for their selfless acts at the event.

Bruce Bailey, principal at Troy Howard Middle School, recognized School Resource Officer Rick Smith and his presence at the school. Bailey expressed his appreciation for Smith in reference to a recent tragic student death at school and thanked him for establishing a sense of safety during a difficult time. Bailey noted one student as having difficulty, who sought out Smith to talk and walk with him on a near-daily basis.

Searsport Police Chief Todd Boisvert praised the actions of two Belfast officers in connection with a recent request for assistance when arresting an intoxicated individual. A Searsport officer asked for help from Belfast PD when an intoxicated individual was resisting arrest. Quickly and without hesitation, Officer Jonathan Guba and Sgt. Kyle Hayward assisted the Searsport officer in the arrest. Boisvert expressed his gratitude for the honorable actions of Guba and Hayward.

Sgt. Lewis Dyer sent a recommendation that Officer Michael Blakely be awarded a Life Saving Medal after he administered CPR to a resident who was with Sgt. Dyer and saved the man’s life. A doctor at Waldo County General Hospital commented that if it had not been for Dyer and Blakely’s care and response, the man would have died. Chief Lincoln awarded the Life Saving Medal to both Blakely and Dyer.

Cpl. Travis Spencer and Officer Megan Tribuzio were commended for their response with an individual who overdosed on drugs and was brought to the police station lifeless and without a pulse. Spencer administered Narcan to the individual while Tribuzio and Spencer administered CPR. Thanks to their actions and quick response, the individual made a quick recovery. Spencer and Tribuzio each received a letter of commendation for their actions.

Belfast’s new Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Richards expressed his gratitude to the entire Belfast Police Department for their assistance with EMS.