July 23, 1840

The Little Foxes, will give an exhibition at Phoenix Hall on Friday evening July 24th, they have some new and elegant dances.—Further comments are needless as every one knows the character of the exhibition to be highly amusing and interesting, let one and all attend.

July 27, 1860

A Splendid Book. Mr. F. C. Taylor is now canvassing our city, procuring subscriptions to a new work now in course of publication, entitled “Battles of the United States, by Sea and Land.” The work is written by Henry B. Dawson, member of the New York Historical Society, and its fidelity and historical accuracy are certified to by the first men of the nation, soldiers, naval men, historians, and statesmen. It is illustrated by some of the best steel engravings ever offered to the public, of which Mr. Taylor has several specimens, and which make the work a beautiful one for the adornment of the centre table. Mr. Taylor has procured large lists in all the principal places in the State, and will doubtless find in our city persons enough of taste and liberality to give him a good list.

In Eastport there are living thirty-six men who are between the ages of 70 and 89.

July 22, 1880

A hack is now run each Sunday afternoon from this city to the Camp Ground.

Three barrels per day is now the stint of the mackerel catchers. Unless that amount is taken they go home by the back way.

There is more than the usual attention paid to art this summer. Quite a large class of young ladies are receiving instruction in painting, and considerable talent is displayed.

July 26, 1900

R. E. Barton has put electric lights into his lunch car. The first automobile to make its appearance in Belfast arrived here yesterday forenoon. The owner, C. W. Hussey, Esq., of Waterville, came from Waterville to Belfast, a distance of 40 miles, in 2 hours and 50 minutes, and made a short call at his old home in Albion. He rode about the streets here a while, with Judge R. W. Rogers as a passenger, and stopped to make some repairs at the Belfast Livery Co’s stable. He then took conductor Jerry Sullivan, who is an enthusiast on automobiles, and went to Northport Campground. The trips down and back, 4 miles each way, were made in 15 minutes each, with an occasional stop on the way to speak to some passer by.

July 22, 1920

The Waldo County Hospital fair will be held in the Armory Aug. 9. There will be a baby show in the afternoon, when prizes will be given to the heaviest boy and girl and handsomest boy and girl. There will be sales tables of a large variety of articles, baskets, fancy work, aprons, food, etc. In the afternoon Russian tea and ice cream will be served and in the evening there will be an entertainment followed by a dance.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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