BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from July 8 through June 14 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Robert Anderson and Joanne Anderson to Jacob Weisberg.

John Joseph Hollywood and Sharon Anne Hollywood to Robert W. Connell and Deborah G. Connell.

Erica Rubin Irish to Robert Bowen and Sandra Bowen.

Compound Holdings to Broughman Builders Inc.


Albert B. Sturrup and Kim L. Shelley to Karen J. Mastrian.

Sandra J. Place to Sandra J. Place Living Trust.


Sharon M. Coolen to Caleb Higgins and Brittani Rhynold.


Carl Lary and Mariah Lary to Beverly Chase, Timothy A. Lovely and Mary Allen.

George B. Robison and Martha J. Robison to Lisa Danielle Swann and Russell Swann.

George B. Robison and Martha J. Robison to Dana Lynn Williams and Donny R. Williams Jr.


Alexis M. Sixel, Regina M. Aldahondo and Pedro Aldahondo to Ann Ward and Barbara H. Martin.


Albright-Bernstein West Bay Road Realty Trust to Martina B. Albright Irrevocable Trust.

Robinson West Bay Road Realty Trust to Martina B. Albright Irrevocable Trust.

Lars L. Albright to Martina B. Albright Irrevocable Trust.

Islesboro Islands Trust to Town of Islesboro.


Dawn K. Burns and Dawn K. Rhodes to Trenton G. Rhodes

Danielle McCollum and Walter J. McCollum to Timber Point Acquisitions LLC.


Paul B. Jones and Diane M. Jones to Lucy J. Hanson, Eric C. Gagnon and Christina J. Gagnon.


Marc P. Couture to Melik Peter Khoury.

Svea Tullberg to Kelly A. Clark.


Thomas St. Associates LLC to Jane M. Song and Kendrick Anderson.

Dorothy M. Lee Living Trust to Kathleen P. Bird and Sheldon K. Bird.

Martha C. Dixon to Roger C. Inhorn and Victoria R. Masakowski.

Brian E. Allen and Julie M. Allen to Patricia L. Lear and James R. Lear.


Josephine E. Nickerson and Donald C. Nickerson to Caleb Higgins.


Roxie Lee Jenny Cook Est. to Samantha Lee Cook.


Sandra J. Place to Sandra J. Place Living Trust.

Charles K. Thompson to Megan Marsh and Matthew Casavant.


Karen Veale to Lauren F. Crichton and Willis Crichton.

Edna M. Corcoran and Edna M. Bowden to Edna M. Corcoran, Kevin S. Bowden and Steven D. Bowden II.

Sandra L. Rogers to Benjamin Mailloux and Robyn Mailloux.

Jamie Sue Coughlin to Balvaird Trust.


Isabel Flowers and William V. Flowers to Steele Family Trust.

Chelsey Williams to Vicki S. French.


Daniel J. Flynn to Anna L. Flynn.

Anna L. Flynn to Anna L. Flynn and Michael Cole II.

Wayne Lanning and Victoria Lanning to Dylan J. Denman and Amelia A. Dyer.

Myldred Bradshaw Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Linnea M. Hoenshell.

Russell E. Dingley and Laura S. Lorenz to Christopher Lorenz and Olivia Iovino.


Skinner Properties LLC to Skinner Properties LLC.

Skinner Properties LLC to Skinner Properties LLC.


Jay C. Ditullio and Kelli E. Ditullio to Broughman Builders Inc.


Nathan S. Wood and Michael E. Wood to Jay C. Ditullio.

Josiah H. Eikelboom to Ashlee K. Eikelboom.


Daniel L. Fernald to Kevin A. Sylvester and Linda J. Sylvester.


Syndi McNally, Syndi Stupple and Andrew Johnson to Christopher R. Hamor.

Russell H. Coulter and Marietta S. Coulter to Russell H. Coulter Living Trust and Marietta S. Coulter Living Trust.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Shawn Goldthwaite.

Lemuel M. Clark Est. and Stephanie R. Worster to Timothy D. Goodner and Mary Bridget Goodner.